Our cloth bag models for every need

Cloth bags are produced with many options such as material type, sewing method, bag sizes, fabric weight, printing technique. The important thing here is to choose the bags according to your needs. Here, it is important how the bag is used. If it is to be given to the customer free of charge after shopping, in this case, the most favorable choice is nonwoven bags produced as automation. Apart from this, if the customer is asked for money after shopping, a slightly higher but more aesthetic, durable and long-lasting materials may be preferred. In places like museums, the most preferred are printed burger (cotton) bags. When considering promotional purposes, imperteks backpacks and burger bags come to the fore.

Our staff representatives will gladly assist you in determining the most suitable bag model according to the sector you serve and your purpose of use.

Environmentally Friendly

All of our products are made using organic material.


Made from fully recyclable, non-waste fabric


We can apply the design you want with the printing technique you want


It is budget friendly with high discount rates in sales.

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