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    Glossy Laminated Nonwoven Bag

    Definition Glossy laminated ultrasonic bag with hexagonal bottom
    Material 78 gsm nonwoven Fabric + 20 mic. glossy OPP
    Sewing Ultrasonic welding and hand sewn reinforcingon top sides
    Dimensions 45×45 + 15 (7,5 + 7,5) cm. Width x Length + Gusset
    Handles 2,5×42 cm. Width x Length
    Handle Material Nonwoven fabric


      Laminated bags are the best choice who are seeking elegance and visual quality in thier products thanks to the excellent print quality.

      These bags are also nature friendly since its materials are recyclable and their usage reduces total consumption of shopping bags because of its reusability.

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      Environmentally Friendly

      All of our products are made using organic material.


      Made from fully recyclable, non-waste fabric


      We can apply the design you want with the printing technique you want


      It is budget friendly with high discount rates in sales.

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