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    Glossy Laminated PP Woven Bag

    Definition Glossy Laminated PP Woven Bag
    Material  60 gsm PP woven + 40 mic. glossy OPP
    Sewing Hand sewn
    Dimensions  45×40+18 (9+9) cm. Width x Length
    + Gusset
    Handles  4×60 cm. Width x Length
    Handle Material  Grogren strip
    Binding Material  Grogren strip


      PP woven fabric is mostly used to make big bags and sacks due to its high end mechanical properties. Since the fabric surface is not suitable for good print quality, it is generally used as laminated when making bags. So, a high durable and good looking shopping bag is acquired. By the help of these properties, PP bags are mostly used as grocery bags.

      Its raw material is same as nonwoven fabric. So, its eco friendly properties are similar to nonwoven’s.

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      Environmentally Friendly

      All of our products are made using organic material.


      Made from fully recyclable, non-waste fabric


      We can apply the design you want with the printing technique you want


      It is budget friendly with high discount rates in sales.