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Nonwoven (tela) fabric, which is a thermoplastic polymer used in almost all sectors today, has become indispensable for many different industries such as packaging, automotive, construction, hygiene, medical. Chemical sense; The polypropylene that comes into being by polymerizing the monomer propylene has high resistance to the acidic and basic properties of the solvent. It pushes the water, it gets fat.

Teknik Özellikler Mag Çanta


The raw material used in fabric making is polypropylene.

Chemical And Physical Properties Of Polypropylene

The most common commercial polypropylene has a level of crystal structure between low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE). The Young’s modulus (modulus of elasticity) is also moderate. However, it is less stiff than LDPE and much less loose than HDPE. This allows the use of polypropylene in place of engineering plastics such as ABS. Polypropylene is very resistant to fatigue. Low cost, good impact resistance. The coefficient of friction is low and provides very good electrical insulation. Chemical resistance is good. Suitable for all thermoplastic processing processes. Polypropylene has a melting temperature of about 160 degrees Celsius. However, it has the following disadvantages. Low UV radiation resistance, high thermal expansion. Paint and coating are difficult.

Teknik Özellikler

It is resistant to outdoor weather conditions and is open to oxidation. It is flammable and interacts with chlorine-containing solvents.

Raw Material Stock

(polypropylene) raw material is taken to the factory stock by suitable stacking method.

Fabric Production

BİLKA PVC A.Ş. which combines information and quality BİLKANONWOVEN Our composite fabrics are manufactured using the latest technology.

The first and only 8g in Turkey. nonwoven fabrics Bilka Makine Medikal San. Tic. Inc. It manufactures. Bilka nonwoven composite fabrics are used safely in almost all sectors. The indispensable condition of hygiene is used in the medical and health sector, in the manufacture of hundreds of products such as masks, aprons, bonnets, glazes, wet wipes and pads.

In Bilkanonwoven Fabrics, Home Textile and Furniture sectors, it is used in many forms such as bed covers, sofa covers, clothes closets, covers. Bilkanonwoven fabrics have become an indispensable product due to their fashionable appearance and economicality in the production of shoes, bags, advertising and promotional products thanks to their flexible and solid structure.

Bilkanonwoven Fabrics are also used in the automotive sector in a wide variety of ways, such as automobile bouffants, toolboxes and disposable service covers. Nonwoven fabrics are referred to as interlining fabrics or as lining fabrics

Bag Production

Our company, which is working with a production capacity of 80.000 pieces per day, can produce almost any type of bag suitable for every area where nylon and paper bags are used without touching on automatic lines today.


Automatically counted on the machine, the quality control is made individually for the professional staff and the counts are checked again and packed with the product traceability method and made ready for shipment. Unfortunately, the packaging sector in Turkey also accepted by customers who have become accustomed to faulty manufacturing tolerances of 5%, with frequent and disciplined controls, our sole aim is to bring our bags to our customers by reducing to zero error. With this awareness we are trying to create, it will be our greatest joy that we will receive from our customers.


Our dispatch department, which is the biggest concern in “timely and complete shipment”, works with high discipline for customer satisfaction.