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MAG AMBALAJ LTD.ŞTİ was established in 2013 in Ankara. The company, which is currently established on an area of 12.000 m², continues its activities in Ankara, in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone of Sincan. With 30 years of experience in production, it manufactures garments of non-woven (interlining) fabrics.

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With the experience of 30 years in the production of non-woven (interlining) fabrics in 2013 with MAG AMBALAJ LTD. Our firm, which holds the knowledge and quality of the preliminary plan, has proven it with the investments it has made. MAG AMBALAJ LTD.ŞTİ has been recognized in the textile industry for a short time thanks to the importance given to the quality and the achievement of the necessity since the first time it was founded and never gave up its principles. The firm’s unchanging principles have always been quality, customer satisfaction, timely delivery and reasonable pricing. Ensuring success and continuity in production; MAG AMBALAJ LTD., working with the principle of honesty and quality in service, will continue to work unexpectedly in the way of providing better service in the future together with the close interest and support of our customers. Seeing you in our family will honor us.

Eco-friendly and low-cost disposable to facilitate encouraging human life of the product, protect the environment, to promote the use of nonwoven products and Turkey work to be a leader of environmentally friendly disposable products market in Europe through when samples with employees and business excellence in the most competent in this regard and sustainable for all our stakeholders create value.