Mag Çanta

Mag Çanta cares about using eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Also one of the most significant factors of the environmental pollution is the large amount usage of disposable packages. In this manner our production focuses on reusable bags which promotes decrease of material and energy consumption rates.

According to the needs of our customers, we may use materials like PP Nonwoven (TNT), PP Woven, Cotton and some kinds of Polyester fabrics. Common properties of these materals are being affordable, eco-friendly, physically and chemically resistant and printable. So, we can easily provide service to almost all sectors.

You can safely choose Mag Çanta quality in nonwoven and other products that are 100% recyclable and suitable for all thermoplastic processes.

Hand-Held Bags

Our handbags are our most affordable products for reasons such as speedy production and no need for extra processing. In addition to this, besides being nature friendly with its property of being able to be used many times, it also provides long-term contribution to the brand value of the company.

Rope Wrap Bags

Our rope-bound bags have a very wide range of usage. Laundry pouch on trips and in the hotel; it can also be used as a backpack for children and teenagers as a promotional product with beautiful designs as well as for use as a storage case for various products.

Handled Bags

Today, in many retail sectors such as ready-to-wear, shoes, food, and internet retailing, the re-use rate is high; more care is taken in homes compared to nylon bags and cardboard bags; contribution to brand promotion; as an environmentalist practice …

Nonwoven Bags

Kulplu Elbise Kılıfı (Gamboç)

Suit Cover

Technicial Specifications Definition Suit Cover Material 100 gsm PP nonwoven

Drawstring Backpack Impertex

Drawstring Backpack Impertex

Technicial Specifications Definition Drawstring impertex fabric backpack Material

Ham Bez Çanta

Cotton Bag

Technicial Specifications Definition Printed Cotton Bag Material 138 gsm Cotton Fabric

Optik Bez Poşet

Nonwoven Bag for Optic Shops

Technicial Specifications Definition Handled nonwoven bag for optics Material 50

Parlak Laminasyonlu Bez Çanta

Glossy Laminated Nonwoven Bag

Technicial Specifications Definition Glossy laminated ultrasonic bag with hexagonal bottom

Kulplu Alttan Körüklü Bez Torba

Tnt Bag

Technicial Specifications Definition Tnt bag with bottom gusset Material 70

Bez Poşet

Ultrasonic bag

Technicial Specifications Definition D-cut ultrasonic bag Material 70 gsm nonwoven

U-cut Grocery Bag

U-cut Grocery Bag

Technicial Specifications Definition U-cut, side gusset, shopping bag Material 50



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