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Sustainable Fashion!

Mag Çanta cares about using eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Also one of the most significant factors of the environmental pollution is the large amount usage of disposable packages. In this manner our production focuses on reusable bags which promotes decrease of material and energy consumption rates.

According to the needs of our customers, we may use materials like PP Nonwoven (TNT), PP Woven, Cotton and some kinds of Polyester fabrics. Common properties of these materals are being affordable, eco-friendly, physically and chemically resistant and printable. So, we can easily provide service to almost all sectors.

You can safely choose Mag Çanta quality in nonwoven and other products that are 100% recyclable and suitable for all thermoplastic processes.

Other Products

Interlinings for many different needs of various sectors, etc. Our production of dress cover, shoe pouch, product pouches, practical prayer rug, bottle pouch, mattress and pillow covers that we produce from recycled environmentally friendly material can be realized with the desired fabric color, size and printing. Apart from these, you can contact us for any needs we can help you as much as our machine park allows.

Promotional Products

You can examine our advertising solutions in our promotional products category with our products such as kitchen aprons, food bibs, exhibition bags, selection bags, party flags made of recycled and durable nonwoven materials. Be one step closer to your advertising and promotion target with these products that we produce with automation and stitching.


All of our products are made using organic material.


Made from fully recyclable, non-waste fabric


We can apply the design you want with the printing technique you want


It is budget friendly with high discount rates in sales.

Cloth Bag Usage

Disposable bags produced from chemicals do not disappear in nature for a long time because they are not properly destroyed. In addition, it affects human health more and more every day, but the use of cloth bags can take many years. Considering the negative effects of disposable bags, you will contribute positively to your pocket, health and nature without even realizing using cloth bags.

Interlining Bag Usage

Interlining bag is a product made of interlining fabric. Due to the materials used in its production, its hard structure ensures smooth use of interlining bags for a long time.

Imperteks Bag Usage

Imperteks bags are durable products made of imperteks fabric. Water repellent feature and coating fabric are the most important features of this product. Thanks to its water repellent feature, it is very suitable for beach use.

Using PP Woven Bag

PP woven bags are especially produced for carrying heavy products due to their very durable structure. They are bags that can be easily printed and keep their prints for a long time thanks to the materials used in its production. You can use our bags, which are all durable from each other, with peace of mind.

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