Raw Tote Bag
Raw Tote Bag
Raw Tote Bag
Raw Tote Bag
Raw Tote Bag

Handle Material
Minimum Production Quantity

: Raw Tote Bag
: Can be produced in alternative sizes
: Can be produced with long and short alternatives
: Raw cloth fabric
: Raw cloth / Canvas / (140-360 gr/m2)
: Thread sewing
: 1000 pcs

It contains 70% or more cotton in its content.

It can be produced by flexo, screen printing and transfer printing techniques.

Durable, can be used repeatedly

It is budget friendly with high discount rates in volume sales.

Raw materials such as cotton, also known as raw cloth or cotton, are used in the production of cloth bags. Plant-based yarns and natural dyes are produced with production technologies that do not harm the environment. Cloth bags are in an extremely important position in that they do not contain any substances that may adversely affect human health and that they do not pollute the nature.