Nonwoven (Interlining) Bag
Nonwoven (Interlining) Bag

Handle Material
Minimum Production Quantity

: Nonwoven Bag
: Can be produced in alternative sizes within automation production limits
: 2.5 x 38-55 cm
: PP Nonwoven Interlining Fabric
: PP Nonwoven Interlining Fabric
: Ultrasonic Welding / Thread Sewing
: 1000 pieces in thread stitched productions (automation productions vary depending on bag size)

The raw material of the nonwoven bag is polypropylene

Flexo, offset and screen printing techniques can be applied.

Made from fully recyclable, non-waste fabric

It is budget friendly with high discount rates in volume sales.

It is suitable for use in different sectors and fields in accordance with every budget.

With long-lasting stylish bags, your corporate identity will never be forgotten! Thanks to nature-friendly nonwoven bags, you can take action to reduce your carbon footprint. Turkey’s wholesale tote bag manufacturer Mag makes a difference with interlining bags that appeal to many sectors.
Nonwoven bags are liquid-repellent, durable and lint-free products. With good use, they can last for years. Considering their lifetime, they are known to be extremely economical. Interlining bags can be used to carry personal belongings or market products.

Weight: Nonwoven (interlining) bags can be produced in the value range of 30gr/m²-120 gr/m².

Color: Black, white, beige, cream and red are standard colors.

Supply: Fast supply for orders of 3 tons or more.

Handle: It is made of 2,5 x 38-55 cm by 70 gr/m² fabric.

Width: It is in the range of 10 cm-70 cm.

Height: It is in the range of 10-55 cm.