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: Hazır Giyim Mağazası Geri Yükleme
: Alternatif ölçülerde üretilebilir
: Nonwoven tela kumaş
: Ultrasonik Kaynak

The raw material of the nonwoven bag is polypropylene

Flexo, offset and screen printing techniques can be applied.

Made from fully recyclable, non-waste fabric

It is budget friendly with high discount rates in volume sales.

It is suitable for use in different sectors and fields in accordance with every budget.

Our clothing store customers, who want to stand out with different presentation techniques in the product they sell with the prints on them, often prefer nonwoven bags.

Nonwoven bags, which are produced from durable materials and used with pleasure by the end user, advertise the ready-made clothing store by using the bag in the daily life of the end user due to its reusable feature, thus ensuring continuity in the advertisement.

Continuous use of the bag without throwing it away also prevents the consumption of the bag and supports the protection of nature. Nonwoven bags, which can be made in desired sizes, are costed with prices that can be easily obtained by any company with automation production.

Nonwoven bags, whose carrying capacity varies according to the size of the bag and the weight of the fabric, can be made according to the desired load carrying capacity. Please contact us regarding this matter.