Tote bag is a very comfortable transportation product that can be used in many functions. They can be used together with conventional bags or carried in a bag to replace plastic bags. These products have become used by many people thanks to their advantages.

Tote bag is a very environmentally friendly product. Although it can disappear in nature in a short time, it can be washed and used over and over again. It is made of a material that does not harm the product it is used to carry, so it is healthy in this respect. Moreover, the fact that it can be used for a long time allows the print on it to circulate for a long time. In this respect, it can be considered as a very low-cost advertising medium.

Tote bags attract attention with their elegance and functionality as well as being an environmentally friendly alternative. Cloth bag models produced in different colors, patterns and designs are very suitable for both daily life and special occasions.

Tote Bag Models

Today, as the importance of sustainable living increases, consumption habits have also started to be reviewed. In this context, bag models are also evolving. As the awareness of the damage caused by plastic bags to nature increased, a serious trend towards the use and production of cloth bags began.

In this period when sustainable life and environmental awareness have gained importance, one of the most popular options among bag tote models has become tote bags. With these bags, you can have both aesthetic and environmental advantages. There are many models available in tote purse, backpack form or designed for children’s belongings. The most preferred ones can be listed as follows;

Raw Cloth Bag: These bags are natural in color and usually do not have any printing on them. It is an ideal ground for personal designs.

Printed Bag: Usually printed with brands, artists or social messages, these bags serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Tote Bag: Large and rectangular in shape, these bags are generally suitable for shopping or daily use and for carrying products such as books.

Double Sided Tote Bag: Both sides of these bags can be in different colors or patterns. Thus, two different styles can be achieved with a single bag.

Tote Bag with Pocket Detail: Bags with additional pocket or compartment details, especially on the inside or outside. In this way, it offers a more functional use.

Tote Backpack: They are versions of traditional backpacks made of cloth. Ideal for students etc. with its structure suitable for carrying for a long time.

Bez Çanta

Tote Bag Prices

The price of these products may vary depending on the model chosen, the material used and the printing details. The canvas tote bag can also be sold slightly more expensive due to the thicker fabric.  Generally, raw tote bags are more affordable and customized prints can increase the price. However, it is important to remember that cloth bags are a cost-effective option in the long run compared to plastic bags.

The use of cloth bags is a good alternative for many people, especially for those who need to use bags frequently. The benefits for businesses are also considerable. With different models and price options, it is possible to find a tote bag for every budget and taste.

Mag Çanta, with its long years of experience in the sector, produces in its facility equipped with the latest model technology. Along with many other types of bags, cloth bags are also included in the product range. You can contact us to order wholesale tote bags and for any questions you may have.

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