All of the raw materials in the “Beach bag tote” are produced by processing fibers obtained from nature. Cloth bags, which have an organic structure, have the characteristics of dissolving in nature in a short time.

“Beach bag tote” are bag models that facilitate the transportation of materials used for swimming in the sea or in the pool. Water resistant fabrics are used in the production of these bags. In this way, wetting of the products inside the bags is also prevented.

Beach Tote Bag

Cloth beach bags, designed using organic fabrics, have recently been used by people with admiration. The biggest reason for the intense interest is that it certainly does not harm human health. Thanks to the organic substances in it, it does not harm the nature. Like nylon bags, it does not have a permanence in nature for many years.

Color printed models are available. The dyes used in printing are completely water-based inks. It does not harm nature and human health. The trend of simplification and naturalness, which has been experienced in many sectors all over the world in recent years, also shows its effect in the fashion and clothing sectors. Cloth bag models started to come to the fore in these periods. It is frequently seen in markets, shopping, holiday areas, companies and openings. With the increase in environmental awareness, many people use these bags. Cloth bags used on beaches also satisfy their users. fabric beach bag;

  • It is not disposable and suitable for use for many years.
  • Does not harm the environment by dissolving in nature
  • Produced from 100% cotton fabrics
  • Water-based paints and traditional root dyes are used in printed models.
  • Does not harm human health
  • Machine and hand washable easily
  • It can be printed on your request.
  • Does not harm the ecological balance
  • It gives a more aesthetic view compared to plastic bags.

has features such as.

Beach Bags 2022

Since the recycling process of beach bags is short, their production has been increasing recently. Different colors and models are renewed day by day. Some models are produced in line with the wishes of the customer, while some models are produced using the trend colors of that year. Different printing and color options special for 2022 are appreciated by people. The most trendy beach bags of 2022 are patterned models.

As Mag Bag, we produce many cloth bag models. We continue to produce cloth bags in different patterns and colors professionally. The patterned beach shoulder bag, which is liked by many of our customers, is one of the trends of recent times. These bags are made of absolutely organic materials. It is water resistant and can be easily carried on the shoulder thanks to the cotton cord.

XXL Beach Bag

Today, many different beach bags are designed. These bags can be produced from different materials. But especially recently, cloth beach bags have become one of the most preferred bag models. Large beach bags are one of the nature-friendly and environmentally friendly bag models. Its dimensions can be changed according to your wishes. The sizes of the models produced with standard molds vary according to the bag types. Large beach bags have a large and empty space on both sides. It can be easily printed or dyed according to your wishes. So you can design beach bags according to your own taste.

Best Designer Beach Bags

The organic fabrics used in the preferred beach bags may differ. For these reasons, the cost may increase or decrease according to the fabrics used. Prices are calculated by taking into account the total consumption of the fabric as different types of varieties are used. There are many reasons that affect the price of cloth beach bags. Many reasons such as print sizes, quality of inks used, sewing qualities and bag sizes cause prices to change.

There are cloth bag models produced for use in art fairs, commercial areas, daily life and holiday areas. We carry out wholesale sales of bags that you will give for promotional purposes for your companies and projects.

You can also contact us at our contact addresses to learn the technical information and current prices of the product you need.

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