Although the canvas tote bag is one of the most fashionable products of recent times, it has also become popular in the promotional industry. Two reasons why they are preferred are their wholesale price advantages and being made of durable fabric.

Canvas tote bag is not only suitable for everyday use, but also a suitable product for advertising work. It can also be used by young people who are interested in design and want to start their own business – who are just trying to enter the sector.

The bags are produced entirely from nature-friendly fabric. The canvas tote bag has been  outstanding in the last few years when climate change has been controversial. This popularity can be seen as a result of the wave of rising sentiment.

Canvas Tote Bag Sizes

Canvas bags can be made in many different sizes. Although there are some standard sizes in the market, it is possible to manufacture in desired sizes for high quantity orders. The point to be remembered here is the processing logic of the textile industry. The textile industry works with high-volume orders so that the cost per product is low and products have standard sizes. You can order all types of canvas tote bags or the other bags you like.

The standard sizes accepted in the market are as follows:

  • 25 cm X 35 cm
  • 30 cm X 35 cm
  • 30 cm X 40 cm
  • 35 cm X 40 cm

In some kinds, there is an option of 10 cm or 8 cm gusset that increases the carrying capacity of the bag. With the addition of it, heavier objects can be carried in the bag.

How to Print on Canvas Tote Bag?

We have printed and unprinted options for good quality bags that you will buy from Mag Çanta in standard sizes or customized by taking advantage of affordable prices.

Canvas tote bags have a fabric that can yield positive results with every printing technology used in the industry. There are different criteria for different printing techniques to be applied properly. The machine quality of the printing company is also an important variable. Some machines can print in up to four colors, while some are available in two colors. It will be useful to get clear information by sending the high resolution print file in the CMYK color format.

All of our canvas tote bags can be printed using various printing technologies such as transfer printing, screen printing, silk screen printing, sublimation printing, DTG printing.


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