The cloth backpack has become a favorite of the textile industry for several years due to its ease of use, lightweight and foldable feature, durability, and most importantly, its fabric structure that does not harm nature. We see varieties of these products everywhere, from markets to gift shops, from businesses that make promotional products to boutiques where designer products are sold.

The cloth backpack draws attention as a promotional product suitable for every sector. Companies that want to explain their brands to their customers and to the society in general are ahead of their competitors by emphasizing the environmentally friendly features and trends of these products.

As Mag Çanta, we have been serving for nearly 10 years as your closest business partner in all kinds of promotions, designs and corporate identity works, with custom-made designs and printed – unprinted options.

Cloth Backpack Dimensions

The cloth backpack has some standard sizes in the industry. It should be noted that when determining these dimensions, the usage areas of these products are taken into account. In addition to these standard sizes, which are determined according to light and small items such as everyday items, notebooks – books, souvenirs, special bags can be produced to order.

The standard sizes used for making cloth backpacks can be listed as follows:

  • 32 cm x 45 cm
  • 35 cm x 40 cm
  • 30 cm x 35 cm

As we said before, special bags in different sizes can be produced. In addition, the back straps of the bags can be easily adjusted and adapted to suit any size and weight.

How Is Pricing Made?

Cloth backpack models can be produced in different colors and sizes. The first factor that affects the price is the size of the bag. Increasing the amount of fabric to be used will naturally increase the cost. Another factor is whether the fabric to be used in bag making will be colored. In this case, the cost of water-based textile dyes used to color raw cloth fabrics will also be added.

Printed or unprinted options are also available for the gathered cloth backpack. It is possible to apply the high resolution design file you have provided on the bag in desired sizes and colors. This is another factor affecting the cost. Since the number of bags to be purchased directly affects the type of printing to be applied, the number of bags will also cause price fluctuations.

If you want to get price information about the bag model, size, color and printing techniques you want to order, you can contact us.

Features of Raw Cloth Bag

If we talk about the general features of the raw tote bags that can be produced in various forms and colors:

  • Thanks to its thin fabric, you can fold it and put it in your pocket when not in use.
  • It is suitable for every printing technique. You can customize it as you wish.
  • It is a completely natural product.
  • You can wash in lukewarm water and iron at low heat.
  • You can show your nature-sensitive image to people by using it as a promotional product in fairs, seminars, festivals or other events.
  • On special occasions and events, you can make a difference by putting your gifts in cloth bags instead of packing them.
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