Cloth Bag Manufacturing

Mag Bag owes its leadership among cloth bag manufacturing companies to its superior quality materials and customer satisfaction-oriented production activities. Mag Bag, which manufactures cloth bags with many different size and printing options, plays a leading role in the promotion of many companies, institutions, brands, people and events with its bags.

Cloth Bag Manufacturing

Bags, which are the most commonly used carrying material in any shopping, are also among the most preferred products distributed as promotions. Our bags, which are produced in many different sizes and colors, with or without printing, according to demands, continue to be the number one choice of people and institutions who want to contribute to their promotion and increase their awareness. Moreover, 100% nature-friendly materials are used in production.

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Promotional Cloth Bag Manufacturing

We manufacture promotional cloth bags because we support the widespread use of reusable products. The widespread use of cloth bags also helps reduce the amount of a product in the market, such as nylon bags, which is very harmful to the environment.

Considering that approximately 8 million nylon or plastic-containing materials are dispersed into the oceans every day, the importance of using nylon bags and recycling can be understood more clearly. That’s why the number of people and institutions who prefer cloth bags to use in their promotional programs is increasing. Mag Bag meets these demands and continues to be the number one bag manufacturer with its environmental awareness.

Eco-Friendly Products

Our company manufactures cloth bags and all its other products on the basis of recycling and healthy environmental awareness. Cloth bags provide a great advantage in environmental health compared to nylon bag materials, among many reasons:

Cloth bags can be used over and over again.
It prevents the use of more materials and energy for the manufacture of disposable products.
Cloth bags reduce plastic use and therefore plastic pollution.

Cloth Bag Is Sturdy

Cloth bags have a stronger structure than nylon bags and are longer lasting. Usability for many years provides a great promotional opportunity for a person, institution or brand when it comes to a bag carrying a brand’s logo or promotional text. Moreover, cloth bags are much more useful and durable with their carrying capacity and strength.

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