Cotton drawstring bag is a stylish, practical and inexpensive product that can be used as a backpack and a pouch. These bags are preferred in various purposes today because it is durable and organic —no polyester.

Cotton drawstring bag is a type of drawstring bag that has been popular in the women’s accessories sector since ancient times. Drawstring bags are easy-to-use and closed by pulling on with a strap in the opening. Since it is made of raw cloth, it is preferred more by eco-friendly people.

Cotton Drawstring Bag Features

Cotton drawstring bag can be used for a very long time. Its fabric prevents harmful bacteria to live on the cloth. As it is made of organic material, it does not harm the environment. It has an elegant design. It can be purchased unprinted or customized. Cotton drawstring backpack is able to adapt to every needs as its handle is adjustable for height and weight.

Cotton drawstring bag varies on thread size . If it is made of tightly woven fabric, it will not show inside. You can also add various additions to its plain design. For example, an extra pocket can be sewn inside or outside and make your bag more functional.

Cotton Drawstring Bag Sizes

Cotton drawstring bag is classified on weaving processes, areas of use and bag sizes. It can be in two types in terms of thread size:

  • Size 46 thread
  • Size 42 thread

It can be in any desired size if custom sewing is ordered while it also has standard sizes that can be found more often and readily in the market. These sizes are as follows:

32 cm X 45 cm

35 cm X 40 cm

25 cm X 35 cm

30 cm X 40 cm

10 cm X 12 cm

The smallest size of these bags —named cotton pouch— can be used to carry small amount of groceries on.

Cotton  Bag

Drawstring Bag Printing

You can print your desired design, photo or text on the plain drawstring cloth bag you have bought. If the image to be printed has high resolution and CMYK colors, the print will be of higher quality. It is commonly known that the color ink of computer and phone screens is RGB while the color ink of printed materials is CMYK. CMYK is best for print products. Otherwise, the colors may appear in different tones in the printing, even in very small proportions. Otherwise, the colors may appear in different tones, even in very small proportions.

Cotton bag can be printed with different techniques.

  • Serigraph printing: A printing technique with water-based ink and serigraphy tools.
  • Automatic screen printing: It is an industrial printing technique, so used commonly for high volume prints —the best for vector graphics.
  • Heat transfer printing: A printing technique with following processes: A print is printed on a transfer paper and covered with different chemicals. Then, hot press is applied to the bag.
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