Cloth Bag

Fashion with Respects to Nature!

We attach importance to the widespread use of renewable industry, especially cloth bags, and to raise the awareness of the society about products that respect nature and protect the environment. Petroleum-sourced nylon bags, etc. that trigger carbon dioxide emissions, one of the biggest causes of global warming. We prefer products made of nonwoven (interlining) raw materials instead of materials.

Non-woven and non-woven cloth bags; It is a low-cost textile product produced using polypropylene material. Nonwowen products that can be produced as soft or stretched; It is liquid-proof, has a low coefficient of friction and provides very good electrical insulation. Its chemical resistance is good. Cloth bag products that can be produced as disposable or long-lasting have a variety that can appeal to almost every sector.

You can safely choose Mag Çanta quality in our products that can be printed in desired patterns and are suitable for 100% recycling and all thermoplastic processing processes, despite their high durability during use.


Wholesale Manufacturing Products

As Mag Çanta, we base respect for nature on the basis of all our products and production methods within the framework of our quality policy. We shape our manufacturing stages according to this policy. For this reason, we only reinterpret the fabric coming from nature in the products we manufacture and present it to you.

We design our products by combining fabric with aesthetics and health with art. In this context, we produce cloth bags, interlining products, promotional products and medical supplies. All of our products come from the heart of nature and are meticulously processed knot by knot in order to touch your lives. We do serious R & D studies to turn the health and elegance of fabric into various accessories and medical products and carry out important studies to develop this sector. Today; Our products have gone beyond the borders of our country and opened to the world. Therefore, we do our job lovingly, being aware of our responsibilities. We happily work, produce and share these beauties to achieve better every day.

We do not harm the nature

Customized Solutions

As Mag Çanta, we are always with you! Please contact us for a solution partnership specific to your company, your business or for bulk product procurement.

From Nature to the World; Cloth Bag

Cloth bags are manufactured with yarns obtained from cotton or similar plants, which are also known as hambez or cotton. At the same time, they are natural bag models produced using technologies that do not allow any harm to the environment.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly product, the cloth bag is a stylish type of bag with a very aesthetic and simple appearance. It offers printing and dyeing in different ways. Cotton bags thus allow users to modify this accessory according to their own tastes.

Cloth Bag Usage Areas

Cloth bags are highly functional and can be used for different purposes. Today, it is mostly used for daily use or for promotional products. They offer a very comfortable, light and comfortable use in daily use. Raw cloth bags are also good promotional items for companies.