Foldable shopping bag made a rapid entry into the market with the sale of bags in Turkey and turned into a highly sought-after product. The fact that it allows long-term use and is also environmentally friendly is among the important reasons why it is encouraged and supported by the state.

The foldable shopping bag provides an advantage for market and grocery shopping. Since it is made of thin fabric, it can be easily folded and made small enough to fit in a trouser pocket. Thanks to its multifunctional structure, we can now see these bags in the hands of most people in the markets.

Foldable Shopping Bag Ankara

Thanks to the bag wholesalers located in many districts of Ankara , the most beautiful bag types are offered to the market. The most beautiful and different cloth bags continue to be in the relevant company with the most affordable price ranges. With the variety of foldable shopping bags, ladies will now be much more comfortable when they go shopping.

practical foldable shopping bag , you will not harm the environment by using petroleum-based bags that take a long time to disappear in the nature, and you will make your market or grocery shopping much easier.

The collapsible shopping bag can be folded so small that it can even fit in a jeans pocket. While its standard dimensions are around 45 cm X 40 cm, it can take a shape that takes up much less space, such as 15 cm X 10 cm, after being folded. Since the space it takes is almost the same as a wallet, you can throw it in your bag, open it immediately when you need it or when you need to do urgent shopping.

As Mag Bag, we are at your service for your wholesale orders of foldable shopping bags in many fabric types such as raw cloth fabric, interlining fabric, impertex fabric . Please contact us to get quantity and product information.

Foldable Shopping Bag Features

The most important feature of this bag is that it has the potential to reduce the production and use of plastic bags. As its prevalence increases, the number of people using bags will decrease rapidly. Although the paid bag application in our country has been in force for five years, the researches show that the use of plastic bags has decreased significantly. Other features can be listed as follows:

  • It does not take up much space as it can be folded.
  • It can have a stylish look with different patterns and designs.
  • It can be easily washed in the washing machine. No wear or tear.
  • It is sturdy because it is double stitched.
  • It is durable. It can carry up to about 10 kg and can be used for many years.
  • Thanks to its bellows structure, there is an inverse proportion between the space it occupies and its carrying capacity.

We should use shopping bags because; It is not disposable. A cloth bag can be used for months or even years, depending on its raw material, durability, sewing quality and usage. In the prints of cloth bags with the eco-friendly label; It has been determined that water-based dyes, traditional root dyes and textile dyes that are not harmful to health are used. You can design tote bags in the colors and shapes you want without any limits.

Shopping bags are not see-through. So you can easily put any of your belongings in the cloth bag. Cloth bags are an important promotional product for outdoor advertisements , as they are constantly on the move in the hands of users, in their homes, workplaces and in all public spaces . Long-term use of cloth bags provides more use than plastic bags and paper bags.

Foldable Shopping Bag Prices

Cloth bags emit more carbon to the environment than plastic during the production phase. But this should not mislead you. Because; Long-term use of cloth bags and their self-dissolution in nature make them environmentally friendly.

Cloth bags, which are both eco-friendly and budget-friendly; In bulk purchases, the cost per bag does not strain your budget. For companies that want to be high quality and different from their competitors; wholesale raw cloth bags and interlining bags provide advantages.

The prices of cloth bags purchased for different purposes are shaped according to the material under construction. Factors such as the quality of the product, the number of products, the model of the product directly affect the price. It can be in desired dimensions, as well as differences in sewing and manufacturing points. It is much more than unprinted cloth bags, it is presented in a printed way. Here, the fabrics vary, as is the cotton inner material. It is produced according to the desired dimensions with preferred fabrics. It can be raw without printing, as well as different printing techniques are applied.

You can call us for more information about our products, which are completely our own production.

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