The gusseted cloth bag is very suitable for both shopping and carrying your daily items. The durability of the bag increases thanks to the bellows on both sides and the bottom of the bag, which increase the carrying capacity of the bag. This is the most important reason why it has been preferred especially for grocery shopping lately.

The gusseted cloth bag can be produced with gusseted bottom only or gusseted on three sides. The purpose of these designs, which are completely tailored to your needs, is to increase the usefulness of the cloth bag. Cloth bags are already multi-purpose and thus are frequently used by companies as promotional products. Since the addition of bellows will increase the usage area, it also better responds to advertising needs.

Bellows Cloth Bag with Handle

Differences Between Cloth Bags and Gusseted Cloth Bags
The gusseted cloth bag is a cloth bag model with brackets on three sides or only on the bottom. It increases the internal volume of the bags and increases their durability. Flat cloth bags bulge when items are placed inside them, causing more load to be placed on the carrying handles. In gusseted cloth bags, there is no swelling on the front and back of the bag and they reduce the weight on the handles.

Gusseted bags can be manufactured using raw cloth fabric, nonwoven fabric or woven fabric. Lamination can also be applied to the outer parts of gusseted cloth bags manufactured using nonwoven fabric. Lamination application will increase the durability of the bag several times.

Gusseted cloth bags are good promotional materials because they are useful and durable. Another advantage is that they are made of environmentally friendly materials and contribute to less waste management. The prices of these advantageous products are also quite reasonable when purchasing wholesale cloth bags.

Wholesale Cloth Bag

The gusseted cloth bag has become a favorite of both individual users and companies due to its practicality, affordable cost and production of environmentally friendly fabrics such as canvas, raw cloth and nonwoven. It can be used for picnics, going to the library, grocery shopping, business trips, short-term travels, arranging home materials and for countless other purposes.

As Mag Bag, we support the use of printed or unprinted cloth bags, taking into account environmental awareness, in accordance with the logic of recycling, and in order to contribute to projects to reduce factors that harm nature such as air and water pollution.

You can contribute to our future while increasing your customer base by choosing these bags manufactured using natural raw cloth fabric for your company.

Advantages Offered by Mag Bag

Some of the numerous advantages of the cloth bags you will buy from Mag Bag:

Lowest price guarantee
Bags made of the highest quality fabric
Fast shipping, fast delivery
24/7 customer service support
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