Large tote bags; It is a type of fabric bag in which silk obtained from plant fibers occurring in nature is used as raw material. This type of bag is in the category of nature-friendly bags due to the processing structure of the fabrics produced.

The main purpose of the production of large tote bags” is known as preventing the rapidly increasing environmental pollution all over the world. MAG Bag R&D team, which continues its production and supply services in the sector, continues its production with the vision of a cleaner and more sustainable life in addition to wholesale bag services.

How Are Large Tote Bags Produced?

Fabric bags are a bag model that is put into production with the aim of reducing nature pollution today. The skeleton of this bag consists of handle, body and bellows. The widest visible part of the product is the body. In this section, printing works are carried out. The handle is a section that allows the user to carry the materials in the bag. The part that provides the bag size, namely the width and depth, is the bellows. Optionally, it can be used as a side bellows or a lower bellows.

The production phase of the eco-friendly bag; It starts with drawing a sketch in line with the wishes of the customers and planning the process and the bag. Fabric type and color are determined, then a pattern is made in the bag dimensioning section. Once this step is completed, the molds are sent to the press. Finally, the counting of the printed bags is carried out by the machine and the orders are transferred to the logistics service to reach the customers after quality controls.

Cloth Bag Models

Large size models of cloth bags; It is produced in accordance with every need, regardless of age, gender, place of use and purpose. Some factors gain importance in these productions. These factors are;

  • Type of material
  • Planting Type,
  • Bag Dimensions,
  • Fabric Weight,
  • Printing Technique

It covers many production details such as

Within these processes explained, although the number of alternative models is increasing, the products in the category of tote bag models are as follows:

  • NONWOVEN (TELA) Bags; It is one of the low-cost bag models known as nature-friendly, suitable for almost all purposes, and usually given to consumers free of charge for advertising purposes after shopping.
  • Impertex Bags; It is a bag model made of 100% polyester fabric and absolutely waterproof. These Large Tote Bags, made in vibrant colors, are often used in areas with heavy rainfall.
  • COTTON (RAW CLOTH) Bags; It is known as the longest-lasting bag model in terms of environmental friendliness and usage. The most important feature of the raw cloth bag is that it has undyed fabric. Due to this feature, both advertising and printing can be done on it, and it does not lose its natural and environmental characteristics in its raw form.
  • PP WOVEN bags; It is in the same category as tele fabric in terms of its nature-friendly properties. However, when the surface is pressed, it stands out as one of the ordered models with its load-bearing feature thanks to its robust structure, since the targeted good image result is not achieved. This model is also used as a grocery bag and a market bag.
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Cloth Bag Prices

Today, due to the increase in the price of fabric supply, there is an increase in the production costs of cloth bags at certain rates. Despite the price changes, you can contact Mag Bag to reach tote bags that continue to be preferred due to their nature-friendly and human health-friendly structure.

There are some factors that are effective in determining the prices in the production of cloth bags with alternative models. These details are;

  • Raw material of the cloth bag to be preferred
  • Total consumption of the fabric to be used for the bag to be ordered
  • Whether the bag is printed or unprinted
  • Requesting design support for promotional bags to be printed

Factors such as these have a direct impact on prices.

You can inform us about the bag models that are suitable for your projects in order to have the products of Mag Bag, which serves as a manufacturer company, in the most advantageous conditions. If you want to work with the design, model and offer to be submitted for your approval, you can partner with us for your orders that have the advantages of mass production.

Wholesale Tote Bag

You can benefit from the mass production services of Mag Bag to access the bag models you want to use in your projects and works. Within the scope of bags that are not produced with standard molds, productions are made in sizes that are specific to you and in customizable designs.

For your wholesale bag requests, you can contact us at Mag Bag’s contact addresses and you can direct the details and questions about your orders to our consultant team.

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