Meltblown filter mask, It is a type of mask that provides a high degree of protection during the Covid-19 epidemic . Health authorities recommend the use of these masks to protect yourself from the corona virus.

Meltblown filter mask is a type of mask that extends from the upper part of the nose to the bottom of the chin and covers most of the cheeks. It has a 3-layer structure and has a built-in special filter. Thanks to this filter, it prevents the inhalation of viruses transmitted through airborne droplets.

3-Ply Meltblown Filter Mask?

Meltblown filter mask production woven fabrics are used. Knitted or non-woven, it is produced for private use only. Its cost is quite low. These special products are fabrics that can absorb liquids, repel liquids, are strong, flexible, soft, stretchy, have fire retardant properties, have filtering properties, and are resistant to bacteria, known for their antibacterial structure. By using polypropylene material inside, it prevents bacteria and virus from entering the human body through respiration .

is the most preferred mask model of people during the pandemic process. Due to the low cost, the prices are not expensive either. Automation systems with advanced technology are used during production. For this reason, it is produced in completely hygienic environments.

Many processes are required for the polypropylene material to be sufficiently thin and homogeneous. Although the whole process is carried out with advanced technology automation systems, it also needs to be controlled. Optical detection systems are used to control the production process. In addition, material samples tested for air permeability and separation rate in the filter are regularly taken in the laboratory, so that the technical specifications of the classification can be met. With sensors measuring the air permeability of the meltblown filter , it is necessary to ensure that the masks provide full protection for the users.

Meltblown Filter Mask Features

Meltblown filter mask basically non It is produced from woven fabric. Filters made of nonwoven material on the inside and outside and polypropylene material on the inside are used. These features are present in the quality surgical mask types used today. For this reason, many people prefer meltblow masks. These masks;

  • They consist of a 3-storey building.
  • not only viruses and bacteria, but also abrasives, dust, small aerosol droplets or asbestos fibers.
  • Thanks to the wire on the nose, they fit the face completely and provide full protection.
  • Thanks to the ear rubbers made of soft material, they do not cause irritation to the skin during the usage period.
  • Needs to be replaced after daily use

has features such as Meltblown filter mask has antistatic properties due to its structure. It also contains mold and liquid resistant properties. There are very simple methods to distinguish meltblown fabric-featured masks from other masks. The first method is to access the fabric in the middle layer by cutting with the scissors of your meltblown mask. In general, you can test this fabric, which is easy to tear like matte and paper, by tearing it. If the fabric in the middle layer tears easily and without breaking like paper, the mask you are using contains meltblown fabric.

Meltblown Filtered Mask Prices

Mag Bag; produces 3-layer meltblown filter mask with high protection, nose wire feature and flexible elastics . It is produced using nonwoven fabrics. Usage patterns of masks;

  • First of all, you should wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Put your mask on your face by adjusting it so that the wire part is above the nose and the elastics are behind the ears.
  • Do not use a second time after daily use.
  • Throw your old mask in the medical waste bin
  • Wash your hands after disposal

like it should be. Meltblown mask production can be produced in bulk according to your wishes. Prices are subject to change in your wholesale orders. It is also possible to produce wholesale brand and logo patterned masks for companies.

Mag Bag has carried out all the certification processes required for the production of meltblown masks and has the masks approved by performing tests in laboratory environments. You can contact us by calling our contact numbers in order to have masks that you can use safely and keep yourself, your loved ones and the general public away from the threat of COVID-19.

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