T-shirt bag is a transport product that can be produced with different color, quality and material options and makes life easier. It is mostly preferred for carrying market or shopping products.

T-shirt bag “ tote bond It can also be produced using “ material ”. Since plastic products pollute nature and the environment, their use has decreased in recent years. It is also a weaker material and is produced to be disposable.

T-shirt Bag Bond Holder

These bags have their own handles and are very functional. The reason why it got the name “T shirt ” is because it is similar in appearance. In the design of this type of bags, there are two protrusions on the upper part. Thanks to these, the product can be transported with high efficiency.

However, external handles are also available. Thanks to these apparatuses, it is aimed to make the transport process more practical. Since many ” holders ” are made of plastic material, they have the potential to pollute the nature. Therefore, their use is not recommended. However, if it is known that they are produced from an environmentally friendly material, their use can provide practicality.

These bags can be used by businesses working in any industry. The products, which also have a printing option, advertise the company as they are used. Printed bags can contain any slogan, contact address, or logo. No dyes harmful to human health are used in the prints made by our company.

In the printing of cloth bags, dyes that are not found to be harmful to health, such as traditional root dyes or water-based dyes, are preferred. The bags and the prints on them can be in any color desired by the customer. Our company’s products can be preferred with peace of mind when viewed from these aspects.

T-shirt Bag Bond Stand

stands at various fairs or events such as conferences and distribute these bags for promotional purposes. The bags can be used to store the products sold or can be distributed alone. Thus, an important advertising potential is gained by distributing the bags, which are bought wholesale at affordable prices.

nonwoven cloth fabric, have many advantages over plastic bags. You can check some of them from the list below.

  • Cloth bags are not usually made to be disposable like plastic bags. Therefore, they are longer-lasting products.
  • Since they can be in different color options and different designs, they can add elegance to the person by harmonizing with the clothes.
  • It can be used in different environments such as home, office or outdoor.
  • It can protect the items it carries against impacts to a certain extent.
  • It is a good advertising tool for any business that wishes. It can be used by many businesses such as markets, greengrocers, bakeries, butchers, patisseries, restaurants, electrical shops.

How to Make a Tshirt Bag?

This type of bag can be produced in different ways depending on the manufacturer’s strategy. For example, the color of the bag, its design, whether it is printed or not, and most importantly from which material it is produced, are decisive at this point. Mag Bag does not prefer plastic materials in their production. Materials such as cotton or canvas that are 100% biodegradable are preferred in our products.

So how are our bags produced? Our bags, which are mostly preferred during markets and shopping, are 50 gsm as standard. It is produced using nonwoven cloth fabric. Joining is done with the help of ultrasonic welding. Bags are produced by intertwining of fibers without knitting or weaving.

Since it can be produced in desired size and material options, it can be used as a promotional bag at fairs. It also serves general transport purposes. With these bags, items such as wallets, glasses, notebooks, books, pens can be carried practically.

The affordable cost of cloth bags has also led to their use by some boutique businesses for profit. For example, these businesses can sell their unique designs by printing them on cloth bags.

T-shirts Bond wholesale

These bags ” can be produced in sizes that will appeal to different companies and different needs. It is extremely advantageous to purchase bags produced in desired designs and sizes. All “ totes ” as Mag Bag We continue to offer products exactly as you request in your ” bag ” orders.

The bags you will order can be printed or unprinted. “ Gift” obtained from “ Great ” looking nonwoven fabric bags We also have “ bulk ” options. Both individual consumers and companies can use these bags for different purposes. In addition, ” cute “, which especially attracts the attention of children tote bag ” designs are also available. Our customers can prepare their own designs if they wish.

The prices of this type of bags may vary depending on the carrying capacity of the product, the material used in production, whether it is printed or which printing technique is used. For detailed information about prices, you can contact us via our contact information on our website.

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