Shopping Bag

Shopping bag has re-entered our lives as a conclusion of the government practice about petroleum-based bags subjected to a fee in Turkey. The reason we say “re-entered” is that these bags were used commonly 40-50 years ago.

Shopping bag has many advantages to use. The first thing to mention is that it is an environmentally friendly product. And its biggest advantage is that it can be easily recycled while turning into waste and does not harm the environment. Secondly, it is not a product using just once and then throwing it away. It is possible to use a shopping bag for years depending on its durability.

The History of Shopping Bag

Bags can be used for many different purposes. It is basically a tool we use to carry our everyday items. It has been used for this purpose since ancient times in human history. While bags were made of animal skin, woven cotton or fiber, today they have returned to be made of their organic origins again.

When you look at the movies that took place in the 1950s or 1960s, you see that shoppers come out of the shops with paper bags filled with purchased products. Back then, environmental awareness was not as developed as it is today because there were no cases of climate change or deforestation. Paper bags were preferred because of their cheapness.

Plastic Bag To Fabric Bag

The gradual increase in the world population and the change in the climate balance as a result of this and many other factors led to search for cheap solutions. While soft drinks are used to be sold in glass bottles in the past, plastic bottles are preferred instead over time. There has been a transition from paper bags to petroleum-based products since they are cheap, durable and light. And they have become widespread rapidly.

With the emergence of the long decomposition times of plastics and other petroleum-based products and the increase in environmental awareness, the efforts to prevent the use of plastic bags has arisen in many countries of the world. Many countries such as highly populated countries like America, India, Bangladesh and others like Morocco, Eritrea, Australia, Rwanda, Burma, Mexico and the UK impose this ban. In Turkey, plastic bags were subjected to a fee as of 2019, so fabric shopping bag has begun to spread.

Why to Use A Fabric Bag?

We must use fabric bag because we have to save the future of the world we live in. This is the first thing to consider. The other reasons are given as follows:

  • It is durable. It can be used for very long periods.
  • Available for personalization. The desired image can be printed on the bag through different printing techniques. Instead of advertisements on plastic bags, you can have prints reflecting your own aesthetic taste.
  • When you do a little research on types of shopping bags, you will be surprised how many types are available categorized as different sizes, with or without a gusset, with a short handle or a long handle, and so on.. You can choose whatever you want according to your comfort of use.
  • You can use it not only for its functionality but also for a stylish look. You can combine different colors with your clothes.

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