Wholesale Tote Bags

Wholesale Tote Bags

Purchasing and using wholesale tote bags will assist your company to build and maintain a positive public image as a social responser to climate change and negative impacts on the environment. It will be an express that your brand has this sensitivity.

Purchasing wholesale tote bags and giving them as promotional products to your customers or prospective customers who visit your company at festivals, conferences, workshops, fairs or at your office creates a positive difference in your company branding. This puts you in a more advantageous position than your competitors.

Why You Need To Buy Wholesale Tote Bags?

Because tote bag is made entirely of organic fabric and it is environment-friendly – decomposing easily in landfills. It is stylish and can be used as an accessory. It can also respond to daily needs such as shopping, carrying boks, notebooks, several items that may be needed when going to a visit.

The more functional promotional products are, the more effective they can be used as a tool. Promotional products such as calendars and desk calendars that people leave in their homes or offices have an advertising effect up to a certain point. But a tote bag is an item that people can carry with them in many cases as a promotional item. Therefore, it will increase the visibility of your brand by more people and increase your brand awareness.

A printed cotton tote bag with your company logo, slogan or a message you want to give people about your brand identity will be awesome choice compatible with the advertising concept of our age.

Mag Çanta’s Promotional Items

As Mag Çanta, we offer many outstanding and high quality promotional products. You can order wholesale non-wowen tote bags as well as impertex bags, cotton tote bags and woven bags. You can also choose the following promotional products besides our bags: nonwoven carboy covers, overshoes, baby bibs or nonwoven kitchen aprons.

We have committed to being always innovative and distinctive for promotional products made of organic materials, which are becoming more and more popular in the textile industry day by day. Thus, we are at your service with these products as well: seedling bags, garment bags, nonwoven shoe pouches, handled wine bag, and wine bag with d cut.

A Reliable Company in Tote Bag Market: Mag Çanta

We have worked with many leading companies, organizations and institutions in Turkey and in the World as a trusted solution partner that serves wholesale tote bag. We have a wide range of customers from the clothing industry to the automotive industry, from the food industry to the defense industry, and from municipalities to international organizations.

Here is a list of some of our customers:

  • Yayla Agro
  • Yigit Aku Corp.
  • TOGO
  • TürkTraktör
  • Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Turkey
  • TED Ankara College Foundation
  • TAI
  • Municipality of Şişli
  • TAÇ Evening Dress
  • Simit Sarayı
  • Roketsan
  • Social Security Institution
  • Turkish Post (PTT)
  • Pierre Cardin
  • P&G
  • Nivea
  • Mechanical Chemical Industry
  • Havelsan
  • Halkbank
  • Republican People’s Party
  • Presidency of Religious Affairs of Republic of Turkey