4-Layer mask is one of the new generation surgical mask types, also known as medical masks, designed within the scope of personal precautions against Corona virus. These masks, which have more filtering properties than standard 2-layer surgical masks, are manufactured using fabrics with high filtering properties.

Meltblown fabric and spunbond fabric, which are special fabric types, are used in the production of 4-layer masks. The reason for choosing these fabric types for surgical mask production is that both fabrics are specially produced synthetic fabrics and their filtration rates are higher than normal fabric types.

Surgical 4 Layer Mask

Definitions such as face masks, surgical masks, respirators and new generation masks have become a reality of our daily lives with the spread of the Covid – 19 pandemic all over the world. One of the most important measures that can be taken personally is the use of masks in social life. Correctly used masks reduce the spread rate of the virus and have a positive effect on public health. Therefore, all health authorities emphasize the necessity of using masks in social life.

Today, many types of masks are used within the scope of the measures taken against the Corona virus epidemic, and new types of masks are constantly being designed by the manufacturers. The mask market, which is currently a very large market, is growing, and accordingly, R&D studies and investments are also increasing. In this context, one of the most recently developed types of surgical masks is medical masks with a four-layer structure. These masks, one of the new generation mask types, have higher protection and filtration properties.

4 Layer Surgical Mask Features

New generation surgical masks consisting of four layers are more advanced models of old type surgical masks. While the old type surgical masks consist of 2 or 3 layers, the new type masks consist of 4 different layers independent from each other. In this way, the masks with increased filtration feature provide more effective protection.

The features of the new generation medical masks with 4 layers are as follows;

It consists of 4 different layers independent of each other; Surgical masks are made of different fabric layers, independent of each other, instead of a single fabric or a single layer in order to prevent possible virus and bacterial contamination. While the number of layers in conventional surgical masks is 2 or 3 depending on the mask type, the number of layers has been increased to 4 in the newly produced mask type. Thus, the filtration rate has been increased. While the outer layers of Mag Bag masks consist of spunbond fabric, the two layers on the inner side that provide filtration are manufactured using meltblown fabric.

  • Manufactured from fabric types with high filtration feature; These fabrics are meltblown fabric and spunbond fabric types. These synthetic fabric types obtained by special methods have at least 98% filtration feature. The fabric weight of the 4-layer surgical masks produced by Mag Çanta is as follows; 30 gr / m2 spunbond, 25 gr / m2 meltblown, 25 gr / m2 meltblown, 20 gr / m2 spunbond
    Wide band structure designed to prevent ear pain; In the masks known as the old generation surgical mask, the part used to ensure that the mask fits to the face consisted of a thin plastic thread. This disturbed the person wearing the mask after a while and made it difficult to use the mask. In the new generation masks, the part that covers the back of the ear is made of a wide and soft fabric that will not hurt the ear.
    Possibility to breathe more comfortably; While four-layer surgical masks provide filtration using different fabric layers, they also have a special structure that allows the wearer to breathe comfortably.

4 Layer Mask Manufacturers

With the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, the need for masks has suddenly increased all over the world, and existing manufacturers have difficulty in providing the masks that people need. In this process, new companies started to produce masks, but in the same way, manufacturers that produce without any certification or legal permission have emerged. Therefore, when procuring a mask, it should be carefully investigated whether the company has the necessary certificates and permissions.

As Mag Çanta, we have obtained the ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates required for the production of medical textile products in order to meet the surgical mask demand that occurs suddenly due to the Covid – 19 pandemic. We are also a company that has the TS EN 14683 standard and CE certificate required for the production of medical masks. Surgical masks that we produce with computerized automation system without human touch are approved by the Ministry of Health and are safe.

4 Layer Mask Price

As Mag Çanta, we are a manufacturer company with all the necessary certificates for the production of new generation surgical masks and N95 respirators. We wholesale 4-layer surgical mask models and N95 masks. It is enough to contact us for wholesale 4-layer surgical mask prices and order information. You can reach us from every channel for the best quality and affordable new generation surgical mask prices on the market.

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