4 Layer Meltblown Mask

The 4-layer meltblown mask is a new generation mask that has more layers than standard medical face masks. Due to the corona virus, the use of masks has become mandatory in social life and in many areas of daily life. In this process, the use of masks with high protection and filtration rate is important in terms of preventing possible contamination.

Fabrics with high bacteria and virus filtering properties are used in the design of the 4-layer meltblown mask. These fabrics are meltblown and spunbond fabrics produced by special methods. While one layer of meltblown fabric is used in conventional 2-layer or 3-layer medical masks, 2 layers of meltblown fabric are used in 4-layer surgical masks.

Surgical 4 Layer Meltblown Mask

Within the scope of the measures taken against the corona virus, there are some certain points recommended by all health authorities. These can be listed as the use of masks in social life, personal hygiene and hygiene, and safe distance. These rules, which everyone should pay attention to, are important for both public health and individual health. Since the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted both by air and by liquid particles, especially the use of masks is very important in this process. However, it is important to wear the correct and high quality masks as well as the use of masks.

Due to the onset of the pandemic and its spread around the world, a high demand for masks suddenly started to occur all over the world. In this process, different models and features of surgical masks, respirators and face masks were produced by mask manufacturers. In addition to the standard face masks in the past, new generation masks with more protection were also manufactured and put into use. The latest designed of these masks and the surgical mask that provides more virus and bacteria filtration compared to other masks are also four-layer masks. These masks, one of the new generation surgical mask types, consist of 4 different fabric layers independent from each other.

4 Layer Surgical Mask Features

With the Covid-19 pandemic, face masks have been used in daily life, as well as in medical and medical fields. In order to meet the increasing demand for masks and masks in the market, companies started to produce masks in different models. In this process, it was started to produce face masks that offer a more comfortable use and have a higher filtering rate in addition to the old generation surgical masks. Surgical masks conforming to the standards were produced using a single layer of meltblown fabric. But today, 4-layer surgical masks with more protection and consisting of more layers can be produced. The features of the new generation surgical masks with 4 layers are as follows;

It consists of 4 different layers with high filtering properties.
Fabrics used in these layers are meltblown fabric and spunbond fabric types.
The part that grips the back of the ear is made of soft fabric.
There is an adjustable wire at the nose for a perfect fit.
It has a structure suitable for comfortable breathing.
It has the ability to filter at least 98% and above.

Mag Çanta 4 Layer Mask Features

Today, in order to produce medical textile products, ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates must be obtained. In addition, in order to produce medical masks, the company must have TS EN 14683 standard and CE certificate. As Mag Çanta, we are a company that has obtained all the necessary permits and certificates for medical mask production. The features of the 4-layer masks we produce are as follows;

Masks consist of 4 different layers
The main two inner layers providing filtering are made of meltblown fabric.
The weight of the layers used; 30 gr / m2 spunbond, 25 gr / m2 meltblown, 25 gr / m2 meltblown, 20 gr / m2 spunbond

  • 4-layer masks are 100 gr / m2 in size and weight
  • The masks are packed in 10 pieces and placed in 5 packages in 50 boxes.
  • It can filter at least 98% and above.
  • It has antiallergic and comfortable air permeability
  • It does not contain fiberglass and latex
  • It is produced with computerized automation system without human touch.
  • Fits the face perfectly.
  • It has a comfortable and comfortable use

4 Layer Meltblown Mask Price

As Mag Çanta, we are a corporate company that manufactures N95 respirators and new generation surgical masks to meet the need for masks in the market. With the awareness of being in such a sensitive sector that concerns the health of the whole society, we attach importance to safety and health above all else.

You can contact us from any channel for the price of N95 mask and 4-layer surgical mask that we produce You can supply our masks wholesale or retail.

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