Blank Tote Bag is one of the most in demand products in the textile market recently. The fact that it is both durable and sold at reasonable prices is one of the leading reasons for this situation.

Blank Tote Bag as a usage area, it provides ease of use in large and different areas. It can be purchased for everyday use and because it is very convenient, it can attract young entrepreneurs in terms of production accessories.

At the same time, it continues to increase in popularity as it can enable designers to enter the sector by applying the ideas they want to design in a unique way to the bag, since the fact that raw cloth bags are made of eco-friendly material also provides a solution to the environmental problem that has become an important problem today, not only as a consumer material; it also stands out as an important means of transport for recycling fans and environmentally sensitive segments.

Blank Tote Bag Wholesale

Tote bag is known as an accessory/tool that works for everyone in everyday life regardless of occupation, gender or age. Due to the wide range of sectors it appeals to, it has become a magnet for manufacturers, brokers and sellers and one of the important sector vehicles.

It is possible to achieve large volumes of commercial success by presenting cloth bags to individual users. Bags are preferred as they are preferred because they are permanent; it is also a commercial commodity that has circulation due to the introduction of affordable alternatives.

So is it possible to place numerous orders for the use of cloth bags through marketing as a commercial enterprise, a large-scale portable advertising platform with your designs, or as a giveaway material?

As Mag Çanta, we meet your large volume orders and Unprinted Cloth Bag Wholesale demands. Our wholesale bag sales services, which we continue as based in Ankara, are available throughout the country; we provide the requested details, information and number of orders in accordance with the number of orders requested.

You can also contact us for your wholesale cloth bag orders.

Blank Tote Bag
Blank Tote Bag

Blank Tote Bag Prices

The prices of cloth bags vary according to different size and fabric characteristics. Some raw cloth bag fabrics can be close to the American tent cloth, while others have a thinner texture.

Since different weaving techniques are used when obtaining fabric, some bags have a tighter and firmer appearance, while some bags can be more gaps and softer as they are obtained by less frequent weaving process. Therefore, the price of thick cloth bags that are woven more tightly is higher.

Another issue that causes the price difference is the size of the cloth bag. The size of the cloth bag can be determined and sewn according to the request. However, in this case, it is necessary to order bags in higher numbers for wholesale purchases of unprinted cloth bags.

Standard cloth bag sizes are usually as follows:

  • 35 cm X 40 cm
  • 25 cm X 35 cm
  • 40 cm X 40 cm
  • 35 cm X 45 cm

Some models also have bellows at the bottom, allowing them to put more items in the bag. Such bags are usually used as cloth grocery bags. The size of these models is also usually

  • 35 cm X 40 cm X 10 cm
  • It is 48 cm X 41 cm X 10 cm.

Organic Raw Tote Bag Fabric

When buying cloth bags without pressure, it is important to remember that the purchased product has a structure that does not harm the nature. It is now a well-known fact that oil-based products dissolve in nature for very long periods of time. For example, if you want to use Plastic bags used for grocery shopping take about 1000 years to completely dissolve in nature. This is the most important reason why the raw cloth bag is being used more widely around the world. The fact that plastic bags, which have recently been implemented in Turkey, are subject to a fee undoubtedly stands out as an important step to encourage the use of less oil-based products.

Cloth bags are produced in two different types with  and  without lamination. Laminated cloth bags are divided into two groups: nonwoven and jute. These product categories, which are formed as a result of different operations performed on the outer surface of the bag, require the correct choice according to the purpose of use. Therefore, it is important to remember to request detailed information from the manufacturer when buying a cloth bag without pressure.

At this stage, Mag Çanta offers you detailed information about the cloth bags that we will use in your studies by sharing its experience and knowledge within the sector.

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