Cloth Bag the use of cloth bags continues to increase in popularity as one of the areas that has become widespread day by day and managed to create an industry within itself. The use of cloth bags is widespread in many areas, from accessories to commercial commodities.

Cloth bag has taken an important role in terms of global sensitivity and human health, especially in recent years, adopted by environmental approaches. It has also become a safe means of transporting personal belongings for many people in the pandemic conditions of recent years. Thanks to its hygienic properties, the wholesale production of bags, which further expands its usage area, has started to produce added value as sectoral data in many areas.

Cloth Bag Prices

It is not possible to offer a single and fixed tariff for cloth bags in the Turkish market as well as around the world. Especially the production volume to be made for the use of cloth bags, the quality and measure of the fabric to be used in the production are factors in determining the prices.

As Mag Çanta, we continue to produce wholesale cloth bags and cloth bags thanks to its large volume infrastructure; we continue to support you by carrying out feasibility studies for special studies in the personal projects of valued users.

Cloth Bag
Cloth Bag

In the process of wholesale production; Parameters such as the type of fabric to be used, the size of the bag to be manufactured, the number of products affect the prices. In addition, you can use the the type of printing, printing technique or other additional features requested are also decisive in price if special or general printing is to be made within the scope of the requested cloth bags. You can also contact us at Mag Çanta contact addresses to access Mag Çanta’s wide range of products, to obtain technical information about the subject and to get information about prices.

Cloth Bag Models

Cloth bags produced in certain standard sizes in the market can also be produced in special sizes if desired. In order for these special productions to be realized, the number of products must be high.

Cloth bags according to standard dimensions;

  • 25 x 35 cm
  • 30 x 40 cm
  • It is 40 x 45 cm in size.

If desired, one of the ruffle cloth bag options can be selected by adding a ruffle cloth bag or hanger part, which can be opened and closed.

Printing applications can also be made to products produced without printing in accordance with the customer’s demand. Our expert team can print all kinds of images using the most accurate printing technique according to the fabric type of the bag ordered.

Cloth Bag Fabric Wholesale

In the manufacture of cloth bags, the quality and raw material of the fabrics used are of great importance. Types of fabrics that are especially important for healthy use; it also affects the durability, life and aesthetic posture of the bags produced. The most commonly used types of fabrics in cloth bag production in recent years can be listed as follows:

  • Raw cloth 42 wire fabric type; it is popularly referred to as “American Diaper”. It is recorded as the most preferred fabric.
  • Raw cloth 46 wire: 42 wires touched more often than fabric. It is preferred because it is thicker and more durable.
  • Gabardin fabric type; he touches it a lot. It is produced as a thin woollen or cotton fabric. It is preferred due to its waterproof properties.
  • Canvas: Linen fabric with a thick structure is called canvas. He’s very resilient. It is used not only in the making of bags, but also in many areas such as advertising, decoration.
  • Panama weaving: They are porous because they have a loose structure.
  • Oxford: Named after oxford university, this type of fabric is a cotton combed fabric. It has a light and soft texture. It is waterproof and preferred because it is durable.
Cloth Bag
Cloth Bag

Printed Cloth Bag Wholesale

Use of cloth bags; It expands its usage area as a reaction to nylon bags, which have reached a very high level of production in the post-millennium period. Especially because of its positive references to human health and environmental factors, the bags used can also exhibit customizable pressures on them.

It is also possible to place wholesale orders for printed cloth bags, which provide the advantage of use in many fields from art works to advertisements developed through commercial commodities. You can reach the mass production products required for your companies and projects through Mag  Bag.

Mag Çanta sells many products such as non-printed cloth bags, raw cloth bags, rope cloth bags and cloth cloth bags, as in printed cloth bag models. You can contact us at our contact addresses to find out the technical information and current prices of the product you need.

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