Double Layer Meltblown Mask

The double layer meltblown mask is a face mask that belongs to the new generation surgical mask group and consists of 4 different layers. The quality of the mask used is as important as the use of the mask, which is one of the measures that can be taken as a precaution against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Double layer meltblown masks are masks consisting of 2 different fabric types and 4 different layers. The protection and particle filtration of these masks is higher than conventional 2-layer masks. This is because masks use more protective layers and have a better design.

Surgical Double Layer Meltblown Mask

Surgical mask mask folded? Or what are the best surgical mask brands? Questions such as, have entered our lives with the effect of the Corona virus seen all over the world. Surgical masks, which were designed to be used only in medical fields in the previous periods, have now become a part of our daily life. In this regard, it is very important that the entire society uses masks. However, the protection and quality of the mask is as important as wearing a mask. Therefore, in the procurement of medical masks, it should be considered by which manufacturer the mask is produced.

Classic surgical masks were usually designed to be 2-layer or 3-layer in the periods before the pandemic. In this state, it provided a protection that could be between 96% and 98%. However, the number of meltblown layers of the new generation 4-layer masks that are being produced today has been increased. Two layers of spunbond fabric and two layers of meltblown fabric are used in 4-layer masks. In this way, the protection rate of the mask has been increased to at least 98%. The reason for using these fabrics in new generation surgical masks is that both types of fabrics are specially manufactured and their filtration rates are quite high.

4 Layer Surgical Mask

4-layer masks are a type of face mask whose protection and bacteria / virus filtration capability has been improved compared to the old type surgical masks. It is mandatory to wear a mask at all stages of social life under pandemic conditions. Surgical masks are very hygienic masks because they are both comfortable to use and disposable. Surgical masks, which could be easily put on and removed during the day, had less protection than respiratory masks in terms of protection. However, with the use of today’s technological possibilities, 4-layer surgeon masks with higher protection can now be produced.

The user protection rate of 4-layer surgical masks has been increased. These masks consist of 4 different layers in total. Two of these layers are made of spunbond fabric and two of them are made of meltblown fabric. It is mandatory to use a layer of meltblown fabric in the surgical mask standards determined by the Ministry of Health. However, the new generation 4-layer masks are made of two layers of meltblown fabric. This can increase the protection rate of the mask up to at least 98%.

Quality 4-Layer Surgical Mask Brands

Terms such as surgical mask brands or the best medical mask brands have started to enter the lives of most of us with the Corona virus. With the onset of the global pandemic, the demand for surgical masks started to occur all over the world. When the old mask manufacturers could not meet the demands, new mask manufacturers came out. However, many of these producers did not have the required standards and produced poor quality products. As these masks do not have any protection, they can also cause the wearer to catch the virus more easily.

Currently, there are some brands that produce high quality surgical masks on the market. One of these brands is Mag Çanta. With the onset of the pandemic, the company established its technological infrastructure in a short time. It has obtained ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates, TS EN 14683 standard and CE certificate, which are required for the production of surgical masks. All surgical masks produced by the company have been tested and approved by the Ministry of Health. You can safely choose Mag Bag for your mask needs such as new generation surgical mask, 3-layer surgical mask, 4-layer surgical mask or N95 mask.

Double Layer Meltblown Mask Price

Original 4-layer meltblown mask reviews are generally that users who use it are quite satisfied. Because; The fabric layers that provide filtration are used in pairs in 4-layer masks. It can provide protection up to at least 98% in possible virus and bacterial contamination. For double layer meltblown surgical mask prices and order information, it is enough to contact Mag Çanta. You can contact the company for the best quality and affordable new generation surgical masks on the market.

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