Face Mask With Meltblown Fabric

Face mask with meltblown fabric is a type of disposable 3-layer mask made of an artificial fabric type known as 100% polypropylene (PP) fabric.

Face mask with meltblown fabric offers a new design solution to comfort problems caused by long-term use, especially for ear wounds. It provides the same degree of filtration and protection compared to old-style meltblown masks.

What is A Face Mask With Meltblown Fabric?

Face masks, known as medical masks or surgical masks, have been used in the health and medical sectors for many years. Some special fabrics are used in the production of the masks designed to protect the healthcare personnel against the patient, as well as protecting the patients against possible threats from healthcare personnel. Filtration of viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted through air or liquid particles – the main function of the mask – is only possible by using some special fabrics.

Meltblown fabric is the one that provides the best filtration among these fabric types. It is a synthetic fabric whose raw material is polypropylene, polyurethane and polybutylene. The fabric is used in many sectors due to its filtering and resistance to high temperatures. Since the filtering rate is very high, a medical mask containing this fabric are called meltblown mask. The new design meltblown surgical masks do not hurt users’ ear in any way.

New Design Face Mask With Meltblown Fabric: Features

The consumption of surgical masks has increased as a result of the corona epidemic spreading all over the world. The surgical masks containing meltblown fabric is recommended to use by experts in the field. It is also known as nonwoven mask.

Its new model is named new design meltblown mask. Compared to the meltblown masks produced in the past, the most distinctive difference of the new design masks is the wide band that does not hurt the back of the ear instead of ropes irritating ears.  The band makes the mask fit perfectly on your face. Thus, the mask offer a comfortable use, even in the case of wearing for an extended period of time. The features of the new design meltblown surgical masks are as follows:

  • The mask consists of 3 ply
  • The outer parts of the mask are made of nonwoven fabric and the inner part consists of polypropylene material.
  • The ear loops are made of soft and wide fabric.
  • It is able to filter virus, bacteria, dust and small aerosol droplets since its high filtering.
  • Soft wire on the top of the mask provides full protection by fitting well on the face.
  • Its fabric is resistant to tensions.
  • In addition to its protection, it allows comfortable breathing.
  • Very high filtration and protection compared to other mask types.

Wholesale New Design Face Mask With Meltblown Fabric

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic all over the world, the demand for medical masks suddenly reached top levels. A large number of surgical mask manufacturers have entered the market suddenly and started selling masks to people without any certification or approval. Under-the-counter masks sold on the Internet make the person more vulnerable to potential threats instead of protecting them. Therefore, it is extremely important that the suppliers of masks purchased wholesale or retail must be approved by the Ministry of Health and the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

As Mag Çanta, we have established all the necessary technological infrastructure to meet the constantly increasing demand for surgical masks with meltblown fabric from the beginning of the pandemic. As a company producing medical masks,  we have the ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates required for the production of medical textile products as well as TS EN 14683 standard and CE certificate.

New Design Face Mask With Meltblown Fabric: Price

As Mag Çanta, we established our production facility in order to offer our new design masks to suppliers at the best prices. Therefore, the price of our new design masks is the same as the price of old-style meltblown masks. The price of our new design surgical masks of 50 is 50 TL; The price of the new design meltblown surgical masks sold in packages of 10 is determined as 10 TL.

You can contact us for detailed information about any new design masks, surgical masks and meltblown masks.

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