Surgical Mask
Description 3 ply surgical mask
Material Nonwoven spunbond and meltblown
Packaging Alternatively 1-5-10-50 pcs seperate packaging can be done


    Surgical mask is one of the most important equipment used to protect general public health and healthcare personel from infection or epidemic. Especially with the current Coronavirus epidemic, it has become mandatory to use it in social life.

    The surgical mask is a disposable product. It should be used when walking on the street, shopping, or any crowded environment, and needs to be changed after a certain period of time. Using the mask for too long can increase rather than reduce the risk of infection.

    Surgical Mask Features

    Surgical masks, also known as three-layer surgical masks, are medical products that must be produced according to certain standards. In order to ensure these standards, companies must obtain certificates that they meet certain requirements.

    Mag Çanta has ISO 13485, CE and QCS International certificates required for the production of medical textile products.

    The main features of the masks we produce are as follows:

    • The mask is produced using 3-layer SPUNBOND or MELTBLOWN (according to request) material.
    • There is a wire on the nose that allows it to fit properly to the face.
    • Its tires are adjusted to fit every face.
    • Standard weight of layers are 30+25+20gsm, total 75 gsm. But can be adjusted according to special requests.
    • Our mask is Ekoteks certified and performs prooved 98,8% bacteria filtration. Certification level is type II R.

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      3 Ply Surgical Mask

      Our three-layer and wired surgical mask products are presented to you after passing many tests.

      • Liquid resistance test: It is tested and confirmed that liquid particles in the air or on surfaces do not penetrate into the mask.
      • Breathability test: Surgical masks that should be used at any time of the day during the epidemic period should provide comfortable breathing. Breathability is considered in the masks we have produced.
      • Bacterial filtration test: It has been proven that the mask filters 98,8% of bacteria and protects the person.

      Where is Disposable Mask Used?

      Disposable masks are essentially masks used during surgical procedures and generally by healthcare professionals. In addition, people with respiratory diseases or suspected of having such diseases should also use it.

      It is also used extensively to protect against diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, COVID-19 and not to infect others if it is a virus carrier. In the statements made by the World Health Organization, it is recommended to use a mask made of 3-layer fabric to protect against the COVID-19 epidemic.

      Protection with a Three-Layer Mask

      The three-layer mask creates a physical barrier between the user’s mouth and nose and potential infection carriers in the immediate vicinity. If these masks are used properly, they prevent contact with particles containing viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, using a surgical mask also reduces the risk of hand contamination, as it prevents people from touching their mouth and nose.

      The three-layer mask is made of nonwoven fabric. The polypropylene material placed inside this fabric prevents germs, viruses and bacteria from penetrating. Wearing the mask from nose to chin increases its protection.

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