Surgical Mask With 4 Layers

Surgical mask is a type of medical face mask with a 4-layer structure. The filtration and protection level is higher than the old type 2-layer or 3-layer face masks. These masks have at least 98% and above protection.

The surgical mask consists of 4 layers of layers. While the outer surface of these layers consists of spunbond fabric, the inner part that provides the actual filtration is produced by using two layers of meltblown fabric. The reason for choosing these fabrics in mask design is that meltblown and spunbond fabrics are specially produced fabric types with high filtration rates.

Surgical Mask 4 Layer Meltblown Mask

Surgical masks, also known as medical masks, have become widely used today with the Covid – 19 pandemic. With the spread of the Corona virus epidemic all over the world, the use of masks in all areas of social life has become mandatory. The use of masks, which is one of the most important measures that can be taken against the virus as a society, prevents the virus from being transmitted to others. Therefore, experts recommend using masks in crowded environments. However, in this process, it is important to use quality and certified masks as well as use of masks, social distance and hygiene.

With the Covid – 19 pandemic, different types and features of surgical masks, face masks or respiratory masks such as N95 have begun to be put on the market. Some of these masks are produced without any approval and permission and have no protection. Therefore, when procuring masks, the mask manufacturer should be checked, and brands that have been approved by the Ministry of Health should be preferred.

4-layer medical masks are in the new generation mask group and are masks consisting of 4 different fabric layers. These masks have more filtration layers than old-style surgical masks and provide more effective protection.

New Generation 4 Layer Meltblown Mask

Surgical masks are classified as medical devices and the production is subject to special permissions. The production standard of these masks has been determined by certain authorities and must be manufactured within these standards.

In order to obtain the approval of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and to produce medical masks, that manufacturer must have certain standards and the products they produce must also pass these tests. The features that should be found in surgical masks produced in accordance with the standards determined by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE):

Medical mask should consist of at least three layers.
Bacterial filtration in the mask 98 percent maximum, particle filtration 95 percent Liquid barrier for liquid impermeability
It should not contain any allergic substance.
It should be convenient to breathe comfortably
Cover the girth from the lower part of the user’s chin to the top of the nose.
It should fit snugly to the face

4 Layer Mask Features

Surgical masks, which consist of 4 different layers, provide higher protection compared to the old type medical masks. The most important feature of 4-layer masks is that they are obtained from fabrics specially produced for filtering. Meltblown fabric, which is one of these fabrics, is a synthetic fabric obtained by special methods. It is produced for materials that require intensive filtration. 4-layer masks obtained from this fabric that prevents the passage of viruses and bacteria must have certain properties. These features are as follows;

It consists of 4 different layers with high filtering properties.
The fabrics used in these layers are 2 layers of meltblown fabric and 2 layers of spunbond fabric.
The part that grips the back of the ear is made of soft fabric.
There is an adjustable wire at the nose for a perfect fit.
It has a structure suitable for comfortable breathing.
It has the ability to filter at least 98% and above.

Mag Çanta 4 Layer Masks

Mag Çanta has ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates required for the production of medical textile products and has TS EN 14683 standard and CE certificate. In addition, it has been approved by the Ministry of Health and has brought all the necessary certifications.

The features of the surgical masks that we produce with the automation system without human touch:

The entire mask is produced using 4-layer special fabrics.
It is Ekoteks certified and performs at least 98% bacteria filtration.
There is a soft wire on the nose that allows it to sit properly on the face.
The part that grips the back of the ear is made of soft fabric.
Fabric weight is 100 gr. 50 gr meltblown fabric is made of 50 gr spunbond fabric.

You can contact Mag Çanta for price and order information of Mag Çanta masks, which are the best quality and reliable masks on the market.

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