The market bag is one of the most sought-after and ordered products of recent times, as it is made of environmentally friendly and rapidly dissolving fabric. Whether it is thick or thin, the durability of the fabric is one of the reasons it is sought-after. Another advantage is that the buyer can customize it according to his own taste using different printing techniques.

The grocery bag was already used by a certain nature-conscious audience. Its becoming widespread has emerged with the fact that oil-based bags are no longer free in our country. Market chains, who realized this situation and discovered the potential, started to see it as a medium where they can make their own advertisements. Business owners who want to be innovative about promotional products have also seen an increase in interest.

Why Use a Market Bag?

It should be reminded that the cloth market bag product is produced from materials that do not harm the environment and nature, and it should be preferred more for a healthier future. It takes a long time for petroleum-based products such as bags, which were previously given free of charge, to dissolve in nature. Pet bottles, plastic bags used in grocery shopping, etc. It takes approximately 1000 years for the products to dissolve completely. The attention of bags made of cloth fabric is an important step for humanity.

Cloth Market Bags Prices

The prices of cloth bags vary according to certain variables. Some bags have a low weight and this reduces the cost. Some bags also have a higher weight and the cost is increasing. However, it should not be forgotten that the weight difference is also a factor that affects the durability of the bag.

The printing techniques used vary according to the type of fabric. While printing applications can be made using almost any printing technique on thin and low-weight fabrics, not all printing techniques can be applied to thick and heavy fabrics. For example, thin fabric responds positively to direct dye spraying technique, while thick fabric does not. Already thick fabric is not recommended as it may damage the machine. For these products, the printing technique called transfer printing will be more suitable.

Discover the Quality and Wide Range of Mag Çanta

As Mag Çanta, we offer a wide range of products that you can use not only in grocery shopping bags, but also in many other areas. You can review our options at festivals, conferences and other events or as a promotional product for your corporate identity.

To list the products in our wide product range;

  • Nonwoven (interlining) bags:
  • Impertex bags
  • Cotton (raw cloth) bags
  • PP woven bags
  • Nonwoven demijohn cover
  • Overshoe
  • Bib
  • Nonwoven kitchen apron
  • Hand-held bottle pouch
  • Bottle pouch with rope handle
  • Handled dress cover (gamboç)
  • Nonwoven shoe pouch
  • Seedling bags

Contact us for detailed price and product information. Enjoy the comfort of working with a brand that has demonstrated its quality with its experience in the sector.

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