Promotional Interlining Bag

Promotional interlining bag is a tool used in the presentation and transportation of the product being sold or promoted. The product, which is an alternative to bags, is advantageous in terms of not harming the environment and providing ease of use.

promotional interlining bag ? These are the bags that emerged with the help of a production technology called interlining. It is a technique that can be applied on woven or nonwoven fabrics. Many raw materials can be used in this technique. However, especially polypropylene raw material is used in production. Interlining bags are widely used in many areas.

Promotional Interlining Bag Features

The interlining method, which increases the durability and hardness of fabrics, is mainly used in many areas of textile. This application is used in points such as collar and arm cuffs, increasing the warm-keeping properties of thick clothes.

promotional tote bags are widely produced with interlining technology. In this way, the resulting products are preferred with their positive aspects for both the selling company and the end user.

Restrictions on the use of bags have created a different field for bag manufacturing . Although it is a very old technology, interlining cloth bags etc., especially after the bags are paid. production and demand increased. Promotional interlining bag stands out with its features;

  • It can be used for a long time.
  • After being waste, it quickly mixes with nature.
  • It can be preferred for products from many sectors.
  • Its size and other features can be adjusted upon request.
  • It has low cost.
  • It has various advantages for the manufacturer in multiple productions.
  • A water-repellent, wrinkle-free bag emerges.
  • It is suitable for heavy products with its durable structure.

Printed Interlining Bag

Interlining fabric emerges with various processes on many types of raw materials. These processes can be natural or chemical. The raw material used can be natural materials such as cotton, wool or artificial products such as fiber. The resulting fabric has properties that are harder and form-proof than classical fabrics.

Printed interlining bags are made from fabrics produced in this way. Especially when it is produced with polypropylene, its cost is very low. In addition, the product has high performance. Therefore, many companies, institutions, stores, etc. uses these bags for promotional items . It can be used as a shopping bag.

The product has a structure suitable for many prints. This allows for design diversity. It is possible to produce in different sizes. Because of all these features, the printed interlining bag is a frequently preferred product for sales and promotion purposes.


Wholesale Interlining Bag

Interlining bag wholesale production can be done easily. Interlining bags are made in high numbers in a short time by the latest technology machines. One of the advantages of this production is that it is fast and very few workers are needed during the process.

Some of the advantages of wholesale interlining bags in terms of institutions and companies that will be used in sales and promotion are as follows;

  • These bags can be prepared in large numbers and in a short time. It can be delivered to the end user quickly.
  • Since they will be purchased in wholesale, they will have very low costs.
  • Interlining bag can be used for a long time. For this reason, it can be considered as an advertising tool that increases brand awareness.
  • The product or promotion is presented to the end user in a stylish way. It contributes to the brand value.

By using interlining bags, the damage to nature will be reduced. The end user will also have a durable carrying device that he can use for a long time.

Wholesale Interlining Cloth Bag Prices

Interlining bags are priced differently according to print quality, dimensions and other features. wholesale interlining bag Some of the determining factors in terms of price are as follows.

  • The dimensions of the bag, gusseted interlining bag or athlete type, etc. condition of being
  • Interlining bag fabric properties ( type of raw material selected such as raw cloth , polypropylene),
  • The size, colors and quality level of the print to be used,
  • The number of bags ordered in one go.

In addition to these, the location where the bag will be delivered can also affect the cost. Wholesale cloth bag prices and quality may vary. Wholesale cloth bag manufacturers sell bags in different price ranges and features.


Mag Bag has been operating for many years as Turkey’s cloth bag manufacturer. It manufactures, imports and exports high quality bags produced with state-of-the-art equipment. In this direction, production is made in suitable sizes according to the product type and delivered on time. You can contact us for wholesale cloth bag orders , information and prices.

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