Small tote bags are pouch that can dissolve in nature in a short time. Structurally, it is produced using fabrics made of organic fibers. The use of cloth bags has a very important place in terms of both human health and pollution of nature.

Small tote bags are produced for long-lasting use. It is longer lasting and healthier than other plastic bags. These bags are hygienic and can be easily washed by hand or in the machine. It is suitable to be printed on, so it can be used as an advertising and promotional product.

Small Canvas Tote Bags

It is produced using strong and durable canvas fabrics. Today, it is often preferred in the promotion industry. They are more reliable bags in terms of health than plastic bags. They are cloth bag models suitable for use in many areas with their durable and quality structure. Thanks to the colorful prints on it, it is also used by women in daily life. It meets the advertising needs by printing the logos of the companies on it. They are suitable bags to be used in openings, fairs and seminars. Usage areas of cloth bags;

  • In your grocery shopping
  • On your interstate trips
  • When you spend time at the beach
  • In promoting your companies
  • Carrying make-up
  • At your company openings
  • in your daily life

you can use. Unprinted models have a natural structure and are preferred by many people. With the increase in usage areas, cloth bags are preferred instead of plastic bags. It attracts great attention because it does not harm human health in any way. Cloth bags are at the forefront of the studies carried out to prevent the harm caused by plastic bags to nature and the environment. States have been making different controls recently to reduce the use of plastic bags. In this way, the use of cloth bags is increasing.

Small Tote Bags With Zipper

Zippered tote bag models are recently designed tote bag models that are liked by many. Thanks to the zipper on the mouth of the bag, it prevents the materials inside from spilling out and makes it more reliable. It is possible to produce in different sizes upon request. These cloth bags, which are usually produced in the form of wallets, offer the opportunity to collect your coins and keys in one place. Fabric thickness and dimensions can be changed upon request. Bag models with different ideas and moving with fashion are produced in line with your wishes. If you wish, let’s list the zippered cloth bag sizes;

  • 25cm X 35cm
  • 30cm X 35cm
  • 30cm X 40cm
  • 35cm X 40cm

sizes are produced. It is possible to decide on the bag dimensions during the production phase. If you wish, you can decide on the fabric and sewing type to be used. You can decide whether or not to print on it, or what kind of print. Some textile products make wholesale production to reduce costs. You can contact us at Mag Bag contact numbers for your favorite zippered cloth bag orders.

Small Reusable Tote Bags

In the world where production has been so high recently, the environment is exposed to many negative effects. The increase in the world population and therefore the increase in production and consumption leads to the depletion of raw materials and natural resources. For these reasons, chemicals are used in many parts of our lives. The biggest factor affecting environmental pollution is plastic bags. It causes great harm to our nature due to its high consumption. These plastic bags, which take many years to recycle, pose great threats to our environment. In order to prevent and prevent this situation, environmentally friendly small reusable cloth bags have started to be produced. If you wish, let’s list the benefits of these bags;

  • It does not harm human health.
  • It dissolves in nature in a short time.
  • The structure of the fabrics used is organic.
  • It is more durable than nylon bags.
  • It is not disposable.
  • It has the feature of being washable.
  • It is more economical because it is not disposable.
  • It has different colors and designs, and the desired colors and prints can be applied.
  • Since the paints used are water-based, they do not harm human health.

Small Tote Bags Cost

Products with the Mag Bag privilege have completely nature-friendly features. The fabrics we use for manufacturing are made of 100% cotton and do not harm the environment at all. We recommend that you contact us for products in different sizes. We would like to underline that there will be an increase in prices when the width and length dimensions of the product are higher or the hanger part is longer. As Mag Bag, we offer economical solutions as much as possible according to the general price policy of cloth bag prices in Ankara. If you want to have nature-friendly products of Mag Bag, you can reach us from our contact numbers.

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