Thick cloth bag is the preferred cloth bag model because it can carry more load and is more durable. Its structure consists entirely of organic materials. For this reason, there are no substances that will harm human health in their structures.

Thick cloth bag is suitable for daily use due to its durable structure. It is more durable than plastic bags in grocery shopping. For this reason, many companies give their customers cloth bag models as a promotion.

Durable Tote Bag

Cloth bags are more durable and healthier than nylon bags due to their thick structure. Cloth bags can be used in many parts of our daily life. It is frequently used in our grocery shopping, public markets and picnic areas. Cloth bags are bag models designed to prevent nature pollution today. In recent years, in many countries, as in our country, it has been decided to charge the bags given in the markets in order to prevent environmental pollution. After this application, many people started to use cloth bags. We can say that people act more consciously thanks to these applications.

The skeleton of cloth bags; It consists of handle, body and bellows. Due to the wide body part, companies can print their logos and advertise. The handle section is the area designed to easily carry the product inside. With its thick structure, even if the weight of the product is high, it does not break. The area that determines the width of the bag is the bellows. This area can be expanded or narrowed according to the wishes of the people. Durable tote bags;

  • There is no harm to human health
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Has areas for printing
  • It has the feature of washing
  • Made from recyclable natural material

It has many features such as

Thick Cloth Bag Models

Cloth bags are bags that do not contain any additives and are produced using natural fabrics. For this reason, it is often preferred by many people. Cloth bags, which have a very stylish and stylish appearance for daily use, attract people’s attention in a short time due to the fact that they have an empty space on them and can be printed on that area. The most preferred thick cloth bag models;

  • Nonwoven Interlining Bag
  • Impertex Bag
  • Cotton (Raw Cloth) Bag
  • PP Woven Bag

is presented to you. Thanks to their durable structure, they are cloth bags suitable for use in many areas. The use of printing technology in cloth bag models allows us to reach the most aesthetic products with different ideas, including personalized gifts. As Mag Bag, we continue to provide quality service in various types of manufacturing and supply stages, including wholesale cloth bags, printed cloth bags, unprinted cloth bags . If you want to have cloth bags produced by Mag Bag, you can contact us by calling our contact numbers.

How to Choose Cloth Bag?

The fabrics used in the manufacture of cloth bags have many types according to their weight. The weight of the fabrics used is obtained by calculating the weight of the fabric per square meter. The heavier the fabric, the thicker the tote bag. If you want to buy a more durable cloth bag, you can understand the thickness of the bag by looking at the weight of the fabric. But there is a tricky point to be aware of here. That’s the color of the bag.

Cloth bags can be produced in red, blue, green and many more colors. The color of the bag and the amount of dye used for this color affect the weight of the bag and the fabric. Even if fabric of the same thickness and weight is used, a colored cloth bag may be heavier than a colorless cloth bag. Whether the fabric is thick or thin also determines the price of cloth bags.

Cloth Bag Prices

Cloth bags, for promotional purposes for businesses or allowing small entrepreneurs to open new income doors, bring high profits thanks to their very affordable costs. Its environmentally friendly structure is another reason for preference. Unprinted or printed cloth bags come at very low prices, especially in wholesale purchases. Some of the advantages of thick tote bags are:

  • They are washable and reusable
  • They can carry much more load than disposable nylon bags.
  • Thanks to their stylish appearance, they are always fashionable
  • They can be decorated with different printing techniques and can be produced in different colors.

There are cloth bag options for every budget at Mag Bag. You can choose the one that suits you from our bags made of raw cloth, nonwoven (interlining), pp woven and impertex fabrics. You can contact us to learn about our unprinted cloth bag wholesale prices and printing options.

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