Tote bags are cotton bags whose yarns are organic and recyclable. Tote bags can be painted with fabric paint and can be printed on through various methods. They have many advantages that make them stand out.

Tote bags have become very popular in recent years. They have a simple and elegant appearance with different designs. Their demand is rising day by day.

Cotton Tote Bags

“What are tote bags?” should be mentioned first to explain the cotton tote bags clearly. Tote bags are a type of bag woven from natural yarns made from plant fibers. Cotton is the most preferred plant. Cotton fabrics stand out for their air permeability and their benefits for human health. This is why cotton is mostly preferred in clothes and accessories. One of the uses that cotton has been in demand recently is the cotton fabric bag sector.

The trend of simplification and naturalness experienced all over the world in recent years has also spread to the fashion and clothing industry. Tote bags have become vogue with this trend. They have started to be used by many people, both for daily use and for grocery bags. They are light, plain and natural. They can be used safely due to their 100% organic content.

Tote Bag Features

Tote bags can be produced from various types of fabrics. Besides being eco-friendly, these bags have other features that make them highly demanded, such as being healthy and elegant. The other features of the bags are given as follows:

  • It is produced from materials that are harmless to human health. It does not contain any chemicals.
  • Basic and very stylish. Since its natural appearance, it appeals to a wide range of age groups.
  • Good advertising and promotional product as it can be printed in different designs.
  • Germs or bacteria can be eliminated by washing in the machine at any time. It is not harmful to your health in this respect.
  • Made of natural materials that are recyclable.
  • Nonwoven interlining bags, impertex bags, cotton (raw cloth) bags, and PP woven bags are the most preferred types of recyclable bags.

Types of Tote Bags

The demand for bags made of natural fabrics has increased as they are affordable, functional and stylish, thus increasing their production. The reason for this increase is that tote bags have a simple and elegant appearance with a component of natural and recyclable fabric. In addition, colorful and creative printing on them has accelerated the spread. These bags are also known as cloth bags.

Fabric bags have a wide space that can be printed on with different methods. For this reason, it is also used as a cost-effective and high-quality promotional product. Brands and businesses can use these bags as promotional products to carry out effective advertising and promotion activities. We have listed the most preferred types of cotton bags below.

  • Raw Tote Bags

The fabric of the raw cloth bags has not been subjected to dyeing or various chemical processes. They are produced as 100% cotton or mixed with polyester. The weight of the fabric may differ by the number of yarns per square centimeter.

  • Interlining Tote Bags

Interlining fabric is also known as nonwoven fabric. It is formed by intertwining plant fibers without weaving or knitting. This type of bag can be laminated for more vivid and bright printing. It can be used in different designs, such as a pharmacy bag, a market bag, an optical bag, a promotion bag, a backpack, or a carrying bag.

  • Impertex Tote Bags

Impertex tote bags made from 100% polyester stand out with their waterproof surface and the vividness of the printed colors. As they are waterproof, they are ideal for areas contacted by water. Impertex tote bags are mostly preferred as beach bags and backpacks today.

  • PP Woven Tote Bags

They are made of woven polypropylene fabric. These bags are demanded for their durability and affordable price. PP woven tote bags require to be laminated before printing due to their rough surface. The bags are commonly used as grocery bags due to their high durability.

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