Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags

You can place your Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags orders by choosing from the rich product catalog of the Mag Çanta. You can entrust us with your high number of orders with the most advantageous prices for bags, cloth bags and grocery bags, which have a significant cost in the grocery sector.

Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags usages have started to be offered with alternative models especially in recent years. Especially due to the pandemic conditions in recent years, personal grocery bags needed by millions of people were also offered for sale in retail.

New searches have also begun for cloth bags and grocery bags, which have become a necessity to be next to nylon grocery bags. After this development, new advertising channels with high mobile capability for grocery stores, whose orders include cloth bags, were formed.

Foldable Shopping Bag

Fabric bags, which are among the grocery bags, are the preferred models because they are suitable for multiple use. Folding shopping bags are among the first of the most preferred models within the alternatives included in cloth bags. Folding bags, which are among the preferred models because they do not take up much space and can carry large volumes of goods, also have two different options, printed and unprinted.

Apart from the foldable shopping bag, some models in our product catalog are as follows:

  • Nonwoven bags:
  • Imperial bags
  • Koton (raw cloth) bags
  • PP woven bags
  • Seedling bags

It is possible to have some advantages for the model, also known as cotton market bag. Cotton Market Bag models; It is preferred because it is obtained from natural fabric, is not harmful to nature and the environment, has an aesthetic appearance, is a successful promotional product and also has long life while washing.

Raw Cloth Bag Wholesale

For each high number of cloth bag orders, you can contact the Mag Çanta’s expert team directly. Wholesale purchases can be made for the raw cloth bag at the beginning of the product catalog.

If you want a personalized product after this order, you can have technical support both in the field of design and about measurement and aesthetic details.

When buying raw cloth bags, you also get a new commercial commodity or customizable product with a spiritual meaning. When you buy cloth bags without pressure, you can paint them as you wish. If d-oe-friendly textile dye is used in these products, very good results can be obtained in these fabrics.  With family members, you can paint the bags as you wish and use a bag of sentimental value and do activities that will improve your child’s skills.

Printed Cloth Bag Wholesale

One of the most important decisions in bag purchases is the purpose of use of the bag. The raw material, dimensions and quality of the bag are sufficient when ordering the bag, which is only made for transportation. However, if it is desirable to use the bag as an advertising space at the same time, every decision to be made here is important for success.

Two different methods can be followed in printed models.

  • You can specify a design with your own design, personal signature or images of your brand.
  • If you do not have the design you have specified, if it is in the idea stage, you can print the projected image with the help of designers.

Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags & Prices

The cost of the bags, bags and bags to be preferred for the grocery bag may vary for each order. You can contact the relevant department of Mag Çanta to have the most advantageous prices for high volume mass productions.

Some criteria that are important for grocery bag orders directly affect prices:

  • Raw material to be preferred in bag production,
  • Preferred dimensions during bag construction,
  • Bag sizes to be preferred, standard or special,
  • Raw Cloth Bag, printed (designed) cloth bag, unprinted cloth bag; directly affects prices.

You can also contact us to order your Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags, raw cloth bags, printed and unprinted bags. Before your orders, you can direct your questions about the dimensions and technical information of the model you will use for your work.

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