Wire surgical mask, It is the type of mask recommended by the World Health Organization to slow down the Covid-19 epidemic . It is considered as the most important equipment used to protect from infection and epidemic in recent times.

Wire surgical mask is indispensable to prevent the spread of the disease, especially for people who are effective but do not show any symptoms. Since every precaution must be taken in the event of such a widespread epidemic, it is obligatory to wear masks in public areas.

Surgical Mask

Surgical masks are among the first products used in the fight against Covid-19. It becomes necessary to use these products at every point of our lives. Surgical masks should be used to protect our own health and the health of the community. Thanks to the masks produced, it can be protected from bacteria and viruses.

Surgical masks have an important place in terms of health. For this reason, it must have high quality and full protective properties. In covit-19 conditions, surgical masks make a great contribution to human health. Surgical masks must be produced in accordance with TS EN 14683 and 93/42/EEC standards. The fabrics used in production are generally nonwoven fabrics. Properties of nonwoven fabrics;

  • Easy breathing
  • Virus, bacteria etc. not transmitting microbes with its anti-allergic feature
  • Minimum probability of transmitting viruses and germs compared to cotton and polyester
  • Does not harm human health

We can specify as. Surgical masks play a major role in preventing viruses transmitted through the mouth and nose. Many people prefer surgical masks because it is mandatory to wear masks in closed areas. Thanks to the wire in their noses, they fit the face area completely. Tires are designed to suit every person. It does not cause a feeling of pain behind the ear after it is inserted.

Three Ply Wire Surgical Mask

It is the type of mask that we use constantly in our daily lives with the Covid-19 epidemic. Three-ply surgical masks are generally used to protect against viruses and bacteria transmitted by liquid droplets from the mouth and nose. In our country and in many countries, the obligation to wear masks in closed areas continues. For this reason, the use of three-ply wire masks has become quite common.

Three-ply wire masks have disposable features. The entire mask is produced using three-layer tele material. Thanks to the wire in the nose part, it can completely close the mouth area. Thanks to its elastic structure, it is designed for every face size. Three-ply wire masks, which have Ekotex certificate, perform 98% bacterial filtration.

Not every company can produce three-ply surgical masks. It is necessary to have some required documents. Mag Bag is a manufacturer with ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates. As Mag Bag, our surgical mask products are in compliance with international standards. All our masks are 3-ply and have a middle layer that acts as a filter. You can also reach us at our contact numbers to have three-ply wire surgical masks produced by Mag Bag .

Wired Surgical Mask Prices

Mag Bag, which produces surgical masks with wire, helps mask users to provide more comfortable and comfortable breathing. It produces surgical masks with high protection, nose wire feature and flexible elastics. Improper use of the mask allows harmful particles in the air to be taken into the body by breathing. It accelerates the spread of the corona virus. When using a mask;

  • Complete coverage of the mouth and nose
  • There are no gaps at the edges of the mask.
  • Correct placement of the wire part and tires
  • Do not touch the outer surface while wearing or taking off.

care must be taken. Masks produced in our company, wholesale or box purchases can be seen in price changes. We have special batch productions for companies. If there are mask models you want to reach to use in your projects or workplaces, you can benefit from Mag Bag production services. For your wholesale mask requests, you can contact us at Mag Bag contact addresses, and you can direct your detailed questions about your orders to our consultant team.

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