The 4 Ply Surgical Mask is designed to prevent the spread and transmission of Corona virus such as medical mask, 3-ply mask, N95 mask, meltblown  face mask,  nonwoven  mask.  These masks are called the next generation mask and their protection rate is higher than standard 2-ply masks.

The 4 Ply Surgical Mask takes its name from 4 different layers. Fabrics with high filtration capability are used in each of the 4 different layers independent of each other. These types of fabrics are meltblown and spunbond fabrics manufactured by special methods. The reason why these types of fabrics are selected in surgical mask design is that they provide filtration  but allow breathing.

New Generation 4 Ply Surgical Mask

Today, the use of masks is a personal measure that can be taken against corona virus outbreak together with hygiene and social distancing. The mask is a measure that all health ministries and scientists recommend to use. However, there are some questions that people have in mind in this process. Which mask protects better? What is the best mask against corona  virus? Or which mask protects how much? Such questions are important questions that puzzle most people. We discussed the 4-layer masks and the curiosities in detail in our article.

First of all, let’s just say that we’re not going to be Most of the cloth masks or fiber masks sold on the market do not have layers that provide filtration in the inner layer. Therefore, the most important point to consider in the choice of mask is the number of layers of the mask that provide filtration  and the fabric used. In particular, the middle layer of the mask needs to be made of meltblown  fabric. The four-layer masks have 4 different layers of meltblown and spunbond  fabric. The two layers of the mask consist of spunbond  fabric, while the inner layer that provides the actual filtration is made of 2 meltblown  fabrics.  This increases the mask’s virus or bacterial filtration rate by at least 98%.

Features of 4-Ply Meltblown Mask

Old-fashioned classical surgical masks usually consisted of 2 Ply or 3 Ply. Such masks are intended for use only in some medical and medical fields. The purpose of use of classical surgical masks is not to pass organisms such as viruses / bacteria from the patient to the medical staff or from the medical personnel to the patient. However, Corona  virus has a much higher transmission rate than normal viruses. It can be spread very quickly both by air and through liquid particles. Therefore, masks that provide higher filtration are produced for better protection. 4-layer masks are also one of the last types of masks developed in this context. The features of the new generation masks with 4 layers are as follows;

  • Consists of 4 different layers with high filtering
  • The fabrics used in these layers are 2 layers of meltblown fabric and  2 layers of spunbond fabric
  • The part that grips the back of the ear is made of soft fabric
  • Adjustable wire on the nose to fit perfectly on the face
  • It has a structure suitable for breathing comfortably
  • Capable of filtration at least 98% or more

4-Ply Mask and 3-Ply Mask Differences

The protectiveness and therefore filtration  rates of masks vary depending on which fabrics and how many layers they consist of. Although more layers do not mean more protection, what is important is the type and weight of fabric used in layers.

  • 3-Ply Mask

3-Ply surgical masks are the type of mask that started to be designed after classical surgical masks. The characteristics of 3-layer masks are as follows;

  • Consists of 3 layers of fabric independent of each other
  • The exterior is designed using two surface spunbond fabrics; the interior is  designed using meltblown fabric
  • Toplam fabric thicknessis 75 gr / m2
  • Weight of fabrics used 30 gr/m2 spunbond, 25 gr/m2 meltblown,  20 gr/m2 spunbond
  • 4-Ply Mask

The 4-Ply mask is an elevated model of the protective and filtration feature of the 3-layer mask. The features of the 4-Ply mask, which is the next generation mask, are as follows;

  • Consists of 4 layers of fabric independent of each other
  • The outer two surfaces are designed using spunbond fabric; the interior is  designed using two layers of meltblown fabric
  • Toplam fabric thickness is 100 gr / m2
  • Weight of fabrics used 30 gr/m2 spunbond, 25 gr/m2 meltblown,  25 gr/m2 meltblown,  20 gr/m2 spunbond

4-Ply Mask Price

As Mag Bag, we have obtained ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates required for the production of medical textile products. We are also a company with TS EN 14683 standard and CE certificate required for the production of medical masks. Surgical masks that we produce untouched by computerized automation system are approved and safe masks of the Ministry of Health.

We sell 4 Ply surgical mask models and N95 masks wholesale. Just contact us for wholesale 4-Ply surgical mask prices and order information. We can reach you from every channel for the prices of the highest quality and affordable new generation surgical masks on the market.

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