Nonwoven bag is a useful, durable product suitable for carrying all kinds of goods. These bags have environmentally friendly qualities in terms of the technology used in their production, the duration of use and the rate of loss in nature.

nonwoven bags , a material with the same name is used. These bags are usually joined by ultrasonic welding method. No weaving is required for the production of nonwoven interlining bags. A large number of products are produced in a short time. Thus, it is possible to produce low-cost and high-quality bags.

Nonwoven Bag Fabric

Nonwoven fabric technology is frequently used in the production of bags that can be used in the same areas as the bag . Thus, products such as bags that will not be waste in a short time and suitable for long-term use are produced. These bags, which prevent both the user’s satisfaction and the pollution of the environment, are widely used today.

Nonwoven is one of the important materials of the textile industry. Polyester and polypropylene are used in the production of these fabrics. The main features of these fabrics can be listed as follows;

  • Nonwoven fabrics are resistant to abrasion thanks to their structure.
  • Many printing techniques can be used on these fabrics.
  • The structure of the fabric allows production in many sizes and features.
  • It can keep its shape in many situations and does not crease easily.
  • It shows a certain level of resistance against water and other liquids.

Thanks to these features, it has become one of the important materials of bag manufacturing. Nonwoven bags, which can be used instead of bags , carry a high production volume. It is possible to make a large number of productions quickly by the machines specially produced for this field. It is enough for very few people to work for these bags and the labor costs are quite low accordingly.


Nonwoven Cloth Bag

nonwoven bag mean? Carrying products made of nonwoven fabric, which have low cost and can be used for a long time, are called nonwowen bags . The fact that bags are charged and banned completely in some countries has increased the production and sales of these bags.

. Products, also known as nonvowen interlining bags, have many advantages over their other counterparts. For this reason, the sales volume is increasing day by day, and these bags are preferred by a wide audience.

What does interlining bag mean ? The meaning of the words interlining and nonwoven is the same. Interlining bags, nonwoven bags, cloth packaging bags etc. All of the definitions in the form are due to different nomenclature of the same product. These bags are preferred because they can be produced economically and quickly without harming the nature, and they are easy to sell thanks to their low cost.

No special care is required in the use of nonwoven bags. In addition, food-beverage or baby care products can be safely carried in these bags. Thanks to these features, it is possible for the end user to use it safely for a long time.


Nonwoven Cloth Bag Used For?

nonwoven bags instead of other cloth bag products and bags. It can be used as a grocery or shopping bag . Ultrasonic welding method is mostly used during the production of cloth bags . Bags assembled in this way have a high level of durability, so they are suitable for carrying heavy items.

their size and printing can be changed, these bags can be used in the sale of many products in all areas of life. Some of these usage areas are as follows;

Health products such as pharmacy, optics

Patisserie, nut stores,


Apparel, electronics, etc. sectors…

Environmentally friendly and recyclable nonwoven cloth bags increase the aesthetics of the product sold. It is considered cheap when compared to the cost of plastic bags, which are known for their disposable properties. The preferences of the retail industry and the end user have also changed accordingly. Nowadays, a lot of clothing, food, etc. It is used quite often in the sale of its product.

Advantages of Nonwoven Bag

Nonwoven bags are ahead of their counterparts with many advantages during the production process and usage phase. Some of these advantages are as follows;

During production;

  • It is produced at low costs thanks to its raw material.
  • A small number of employees is sufficient for a fast, serial production.
  • It is suitable for the use of many designs and colors.
  • A large number of production can be made in one go.

In terms of the user;

  • It can be used for a long time until it is waste.
  • Wear, wetting, etc. resistant to situations.
  • It can carry high weights practically.
  • The substances in its content do not harm the transported product.
  • It is produced from materials that can be destroyed quickly in nature.

One of the pioneers of the sector , Mag Bag produces high quality nonwoven interlining bags. You can order the affordable bags in the specified numbers and get them delivered to your address within the promised time. Contact us to get price information and to create an order.

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