You can place your Reusable Grocery Bags orders with Mag Bag quality. Of the dozens of products you can choose in various fields, including wholesale raw cloth bags, you can make the most suitable choice for your work with us.

Reusable Grocery Bags have increased widely in recent years, especially in line with the existing idea of “unhealthy products”about plasticbags. Generally preferred fabric models in grocery bag usearealso considered reassuring for people in terms of   health. For this reason, the production of models using healthy fabrics for grocery shopping bags, which continues to be preferred more, continues to be widespread.

Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags

Mag Bag ASO 1. The Organization continues to provide services in the Industrial Zone and deliver mass production products to almost every point in Turkey & World. It is possible to place wholesale bag orders from Mag Bag, which also makes alternative productions within the scope of grocery bags and grocery bags in the product catalog.

Reusable Grocery Bags are a product that is frequently used by companies especially after retail sales and takeaway services that have improved in recent years. In addition to foldable models, it is possible to make productions in printed and unprinted options produced with raw cloth bags.

Grocery Bags with Handle

After the recent legal regulations applied in the markets, the freedom of use of each product determined according to the preference of the owner of the business has ceased. During the inspection processes, it was decided not to use oil-based products that were found to be directly harmful to human health in contraes with food products;

While bag models with handles are preferred in both nylon and fabric models; Companies that want to make a lasting impact in the field of advertising continue to place their orders especially from models made of fabric and not disposable.

The specified criteria can be produced as an option depending on your order characteristics and preferences. Therefore, if you specify the dimensions, order quantity and characteristics of raw materials that are suitable for your projects without considering a standard production pattern, you will be returned about the order details that can be created under the most advantageous conditions.

“Grocery Bag with Handle” productions according to the physical characteristics determined in the product catalog;

  • With handles, bellows from the bottom, grocery store and shopping bag name,
  • Using 70 gsm nonwoven wire fabric material,
  • By preparing by ultrasonic welding method,
  • 45×35+10 (5+5) cm. Limited to the size of en x Size + Bellows,
  • 5×42 cm. By adding handles in the most x-size dimensions,
  • 70 gsm nonwoven wire is prepared with handle made of fabric.

Wholesale Grocery Bag Prices

Mag Bag is making positive commercial initiatives to meet a significant part of this demand within the sector and to be customer-oriented. Especially within our company, which emphasizes the advertising needs of the markets; you can take advantage of models that are printed and designed with handles.

The advantages of ordering wholesale include primarily product supply, time problems and the fact that logistics services do not take place at separate times. In addition, the area where the wholesale grocery bag order is most efficient is commercially corresponding.

Mass production of a large number of products determined according to molds and cuts extracted from a certain extent becomes “cheap” and “affordable product” directly for the customer. At this point, Mag  Bag makes calculations in both labor and fabric consumption by thinking customer-oriented and allows you to have products under the most advantageous conditions.

Due to volatile market conditions and currency fluctuations, it is not possible to give a clear and fixed price within the sector. However, if you communicate the quantity, size and material characteristics for your wholesale grocery shopping bag purchases in an up-to-date manner, you can take advantage of the opportunity according to our order offer prepared for you under the most advantageous conditions.

Market Advertising Bag

Grocery stores are the units with the highest commercial transaction volume in all regions of the world in the field of wholesale and retail sales. In today’s technology and market, both competitor analysis and reaching the consumer in the fastest way are among the essential conditions for commercial success.

Grocery stores are very lucky in this respect, as they have an advertising space that is available everywhere, by everyone, anytime, except for conventional advertising spaces. Grocery stores, which can open advertising media on bags and bags that almost every person in the world has to use everywhere every day, can advertise many times after the sale of one-time products in the most effective and free way.

In order to benefit more from  these advantages, we, as Mag Bag, produce printed and unprintable options for products such as raw cloth bags, wholesale cloth bags, grocery shopping bags. Depending on your preference, you can print your company’s logo or an icon of your brand on the bags. You can also print any design you dream of on shopping bags as a customizable product if you want.

You can contact us at the contact addresses of The Mag Bag in order to reach the current price information, which will be determined depending on both the technical specifications of the products and your order options.

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