Where to Buy N95 Mask?

Where to buy N95 mask? This question has come to fore as a result of the sudden increase in the need for surgical masks and respiratory masks in the Covid-19 pandemic. Because, previously people working in health and medical fields only used to wear these types of masks. However, now it has become a basic need of people all over the world.

So, where to buy the N95 respirator mask? N95 mask manufacturers have to complete serious certification processes and receive the necessary permissions from the Ministry of Health. We, as Mag Çanta, have all the necessary certificates and permits for N95 mask production, so we can manufacture both surgical masks and N95 masks.

Where to Buy N95 Respirator Mask?

Respiratory masks, surgical masks, medical masks, N95 or FFP masks have suddenly become indispensable in our daily lives since the Corona virus. One of the best personal measures that can be taken against this virus is the use of masks, as stated by health authorities all over the world. The mask is a very important protection accessory in order not to infect others with the disease and to protect wearer from possible virus threats.

It is compulsory to wear the mask in social life.  Today the mask has various range of brands and types. Each has its own characteristics and degrees of protection. Since masks are classified as medical equipment, their production must comply with certain standards. N95 masks are in the respiratory mask group — the subcategory of respirators. Therefore, it can be produced in serious standards. We, as Mag Çanta, have started production after obtaining all the necessary permits and certificates for N95 mask and surgical mask production. For your wholesale and retail N95 mask needs, you can choose Mag Çanta’s certified and reliable masks.

N95 Mask Manufacturers

With the onset and spread of Covid-19 in Turkey and in the world, the need for masks suddenly arose at high rates. In order to meet this demand, many companies began to produce masks without meeting surgical mask standards. In this period, lots of sellers produced masks under the counter as they did not have any certificates. All health institutions recommends to stay away from these masks whose brand or manufacturer is not known because they have no protection and put people’s health at risk.

We, as Mag Çanta, have ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates required for the production of medical products. In addition, we are a company with the TS EN 14683 standard and CE certificate, which is also necessary for the production of medical masks. All N95 masks we produce comply with the standards set by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSI). Both wholesale and retail supply of surgical masks and N95 masks are provided by our company. You can safely use the certified masks produced by our company and get rid of possible viruses and bacteria.

Features of N95 Mask

N95 mask is a respiratory mask that can filter 95% of viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted through air or liquid particles. The 95 in the name indicates the filtering rate. The general features of N95 masks are as follows:

  • N95 masks can block at least 95 percent of particles up to 0.3 microns.
  • It belongs to the class of respiratory masks with its air purification.
  • N95 mask protects the wearer from aerosols, gases or vapors that may pose a danger to human health
  • It is designed to fit the face perfectly and has a soft wire on the nose.
  • There are models with and without valves. Although the protection rate of both models is the same, breathing can be a little easier in those with valves.

N95 Mask Price

In order for a company to produce N95 masks, both ISO 13485 and QCS International certificates must be provided as well as the CE certificate for TS EN 14683 standard.

N95 masks manufactured by Mag Çanta are high quality and certified masks produced in accordance with national and international production standards. You can obtain these masks wholesale or retail. You can contact us for N95 mask prices and N95 mask orders. Choose Mag Çanta for 100% safe and certified masks.

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