Wholesale bags are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness when used for promotion by applying various personalization processes. Printing any logo and/or text on a promotional bag is one of the leading options in promotional methods.

With its modern design and structure made of superior quality materials, bags that will ensure that your brand passes from hand to hand for many years are available at Mag Bag. Mag Bag owes its reason for being preferred in the supply of wholesale bags for promotional purposes to this awareness.

Where a quality ad will be placed and where it will be seen/heard is as important as its content. In this context, promotions at any fair or event may be desired with a material such as a promotional bag. In this case, those who want to convey brand awareness to their potential customers care about the permanence of the methods chosen for advertising. A company, person or institution that wants to use a bag as a billboard as a method of increasing awareness can only achieve this permanence with a quality product.

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Advantages of Promotion with Wholesale Bags

For a company that wants to maintain its current customer portfolio, offering promotional bags to its existing customers is an important detail in ensuring the continuity of the volume. Apart from this, one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers is to ensure that a useful product circulates from hand to hand for many years. Providing this with a product that is especially useful in daily life offers a great potential customer-brand communication opportunity.

Taking Part in Fairs or Similar Events

The person, institution, organization or company logo is personalized according to the advertising content and placed on the bags. Distributing this promotional product as a promotion in events where the human population is periodically very dense is also an effective marketing method.


Festivals are one of the most common shopping events. Having shoppers use your promotional bags to carry products is also the first and most important part of advertising. It is possible to ensure the continuity of this process with Mag’s bags. Gifts, which have a special place among marketing methods, are an advertising activity that will greatly attract the attention of potential customers.

Shopping malls

Providing convenience with promotional bags to those who come unprepared to carry the purchased products is also an important promotional activity. These bags, which advertise the person, brand or institution with superior quality printing, play a leading role in this long-lasting promotional event when they are useful and long-lasting.

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